The Most Underused Social Platforms by Brands Today

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For years, brands and businesses have sought out new ways to spread their messages via digital marketing. The first and earliest forms of marketing – search engine optimization and email marketing – still play vital roles in help brands gain exposure. However and increasingly, it is much more difficult to reach audiences through just these platforms alone.

Social media provides a new opportunity for brands, incorporating both paid and organic marketing components depending on the platform. While the most popular social platforms are all too familiar, there are other platforms brands aren’t using that can generate plenty of exposure all the same.

Let’s take a look at these platforms today and show the value in each of them.


For brands that need to share their opinions with the world or write about detailed situations, there are few social platforms better equipped than Medium. Designed to be a social blogging platform, Medium users find it to be highly useful and rewarding to those who write detailed, informative content.

Medium often elevates high-quality content, meaning even unknown writers and brands can quickly gain exposure with their content. Designed predominantly as a blogging and news-sharing platform, Medium users still manage to write about a litany of topics and angles, pinging users all over the world through the platform itself, as well as via lots of shares on other social media platforms.


Brands that have products or experiences they’d like to show off certainly should consider the effects of video marketing. With one platform in particular – TikTok – the ability to craft short and sweet videos is the name of the game.

Now one of the most popular apps being downloaded, TikTok’s rapid growth is fueled by a desire for audiences to absorb short bursts of content rather than long videos or standard blog posts. Brands that can compact a brand statement, piece of humor or simple observation into just a few seconds will find that TikTok is an ideal platform for brand growth.


Reddit is a tough, awkward and underused platform for brands, to be sure – but the rewards are potentially vast. Functioning something more akin to a bulletin board from the early 2000s (or for those who remember its spiritual predecessor, Digg), Reddit allows content that receives ample initial praise to quickly ascend and gain visibility. Through the use of subreddits, content and discussions are often broken down into highly niche funnels; as content gains momentum, however, its exposure can easily spread beyond there.

Brands with funny, informative or just entertaining content can find a lot of success marketing on this platform. However, it is vital to understand the culture of Reddit: most users frown heavily upon overt marketing pitches. Even in paid ads that the platform allows brands to run, being tactful and diplomatic is the key to brand exposure on Reddit.

While platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may get the lion’s share of brand focus, savvy brands can target specific communities and niche audiences through lesser used platforms. These platforms still offer great benefit – and with less competition overall, your brand’s messaging just might make a bigger impression when aimed properly.

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