Why Q&A/FAQ Pages Are a Brilliant Idea for Businesses

Research shows that one of the biggest reasons why customers ultimately abandon carts or never follow through with a purchase is a lack of information.  Even when not tied directly to the product(s) in question – for example, shipping policies – the effect of not knowing can be enough to keep the prospective customer from pulling the trigger.

Even the simplest of products in your brand’s eyes may spark curiosity in others’. Being able to easily answer these questions can make a huge difference in the number of sales and conversions you generate. To drive the broader point home, let’s look at why FAQ and Q&A pages are such an important element for online businesses.

Eliminate Unnecessary Inquiries

If you hate answering the same questions over and over – but understand that they must be answered to please your customers – then establishing a FAQs page is a smart solution. Generally speaking, people prefer to find the answers they need without resorting to inquiries; if you make it possible for visitors and prospective customers to learn what they need to know, then you’ll definitely reduce some of that cluttering in your inbox.

In some cases, brands and businesses that have created FAQs or Q&A pages have been able to reduce the number of day-to-day inquiries they receive by half. Who wouldn’t want to free up some time to focus on other aspects of the business?

Boost Sales Immediately

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to follow through with purchases is a lack of information. In many cases, they simply decide to check back later: the only problem with this is that they might check back somewhere else. This means a loss of business temporarily at minimum – if not permanently. By answering the most common questions about your brand policies, products and services upfront, you can avoid any unnecessary loss of business.

Another potential benefit is your page’s questions and answers pinging to Google and ranking prominently in its “People Also Ask” segment of search results. This is a great benefit and can often direct even more traffic (and therefore sales) to your website over the long-term.

Create Additional Content

One more obvious benefit to creating any Q&A or FAQs page is the new content it can provide your business. Ultimately, many businesses – particularly smaller ones – have trouble drumming up new ideas for content. This can be due to a number of factors, including the niche in which the business is focused.

Every fleshed-out and informative page that your website can publish increases its effectiveness at ranking prominently in relevant search results. By pinging to Google one or more of these vital pages, you can also potentially rank highly in a host of different yet relevant search results, relating to one or more questions covered by your content.

Above all else, creating FAQs and Q&A sections on any business website simply makes the daily business grind easier for you. However, it can also have a positive impact on sales and even enhance your search engine optimization strategies. With this information in hand, you really have no excuse to put off creating these vital forms of content!

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