Break the Blogging Blues with These Reality Checks

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Blog DiceThe nature of blogging requires plenty of energy and time in order to do it right. Unfortunately for many, there comes a time in which ideas run dry and motivation feels far away, making it very difficult to continue producing valuable content for a given audience. The notion of writer’s block is not anything new for writers and content creators who must consistently produce value for audiences on a regular basis, but the age of the internet in many ways makes it easier to beat. If you have been in a rut lately and cannot find a way out of your blogging woes, then continue reading to find out about three simple reality checks designed to give you hope and inspire you to action.

You’ve Had Success

Any writer or blogger who has been in the business for some time has created epic pieces of content that resonated with audiences. At the same time, bloggers know that various forms of content may not generate the amount of excitement that was originally expected. This happens, and is a good reason why knowledge of an audience is so important. When in the middle of down-time, consider reviewing past successes for inspiration and guidance on what to start doing next. Pinging search engines with content on a regular basis can leave us exhausted, but understanding what elements of our writing have generated success stories in the past can help us determine which elements to incorporate in future projects, what perspectives to cover, and more.

Blogging Is Difficult

The painful reminder of temporary failure should bring yet another reminder to the forefront: blogging is a difficult art. The formulation of a simple idea may be just that – simple – but bringing it to life with research, knowledge and dedication takes time and patience. Even just a small piece of content takes much more effort than those reading it realize. Because of this, it is important to remember that you are just human and that blogging is just difficult. There really is no “easy” way to consistently produce content that will be desired by all and circulated by many. In acknowledging this reality check, you provide yourself with a reassurance that this too shall pass.

Inspect Your Goals

If you have been consistently producing content for some time but have recently ran out of engines with which to be pinging search engines, then perhaps a reassessment of overall goals is a worthwhile consideration. Why exactly did you begin blogging in the first place? What did you want to accomplish? Sometimes in the course of producing great content, we lose sight of what made us want to blog in the first place. Revisiting these original ideas can actually help us determine whether or not we are fulfilling those purposes. A quick reassessment may provide us with a tidal wave of new ideas and inspiration; on the other hand, it might initiate a revision of existing goals. Whatever the inevitable outcome, a periodic inspection of overall goals often helps end the rut.

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