Danger! What to Watch Out for on Social Media

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Stop SignSocial media has provided countless businesses and brands with the ability to quickly spread the word about their causes, products, services and events. Basic social media usage is easy and free to use, which makes it an ideal medium through which to communicate with fans, customers and other interested parties. Unfortunately, social media does not come without its risks. Many businesses and brands have done damage to themselves through the use of social media without knowing the potential risks. Today, we’ll talk about what you should watch out for on social media as a brand and how you can avoid making the same mistakes that others have made.

Fellow Admins and Editors

Many mistakes on social media can result in interactions with the outside world, but many problems may be lurking right under your nose. It can be useful to have multiple social media editors or admins for pinging URLs to content on a regular basis on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. However, this can also be a major liability. One irate employee or assistant with access to your social media credentials can go on a rampage, causing plenty of brand reputation damage if he or she is suddenly given motivation to do so. Likewise, more commonly thought about gaffes and mistakes that can occur on social media become even more likely when there are multiple people who contribute to the account(s).


If you are a successful brand on the web or in the physical realm, then you likely have multiple competitors who want to be just as successful. This competition can often be harmless and helps motivate brands to do better. There are times, however, where a competitor might take things to the next level. It is important to always be on the lookout for fake profiles on social media that claim to be representative of your brand. These entities can possibly do a lot of damage to your reputation in the wrong hands. Another instance of competitors harming your efforts via social media relates to someone seizing your brand’s name, URL or other unique metric on a social media platform, thereby preventing you from doing the same. While not directly malicious, some social media networks will free up the profile if/when proven that you are the legitimate brand or business behind the name.


There are all sorts of people who will wish to get under your skin and cause your brand harm. These people can sometimes be competitors, but more often than not, they are completely unaffiliated with anyone in direct conflict with your brand. One type of antagoniser is the troll, which merely wants to get a brand or person upset by posting comments that are either untrue, exaggerated or irritating. These individuals may start by pinging URLs to inappropriate websites or making false claims about your brand’s record. Another type of antagoniser may be involved with a form of direct brand harm that is designed to hurt your visibility and rankings. These individuals may start posting bad feedback or reviews on your business pages. In some cases, these bad reviews and ratings can be reversed when it is obvious they are fake.

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