How to Improve Perceptions Among Your B2B Followers on Social Media

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B2B DiceImpressing social media audiences in this day and age is already proving to be a difficult concept, but it becomes even more so when dealing with an audience that revolves around B2B. Making inward roads with this particular type of audience requires all of the same elements that traditional social media work does – engagement, emotion, multimedia and general creativity – but it also requires professionalism and a sense of direction above and beyond the rest. In order to woo the audience you possess for a B2B brand, you’ll need to go above and beyond what others offer. Below, we’ll discuss how you can improve impressions with this audience and inevitably generate more engagement for your brand.

Break Down Your Audience Habits

What exactly does your audience enjoy doing, seeing and discussing? Hopefully, this is something you have already answered, but all too many B2B social media brands do not know the answer. Here is where the problem lies: in order to woo social media followers, a brand must understand what makes them tick and what drives them to make decisions. The best way to figure out the answers to these questions is to simply ask. By talking to your customers and followers, you’ll create worthwhile dialogues and interactions that shed light on what social media networks they are using, what they care about and what elements of your own brand they enjoy the most.

Know How to Tell a Story

B2B social media audiences are no different in many ways that a teenage cult following: they want to be entertained. There are literally millions of boring brands out there on social media that provide bland updates and otherwise don’t engage with their audiences; why would they react any differently with you under these conditions? The best way in which to engage an audience effectively – outside of dialogues that occur through existing or already-published content – is to learn how to tell a story. By using the elements of emotion, persuasion, and benefit, you can start pinging URLs to content that your readers will most certainly enjoy. This leads to higher engagement rates, stronger brand loyalty, and a variety of other positive indicators that you will need to succeed with a B2B brand.

Keep Them Guessing

Another way in which to keep your B2B social media audiences happy and always on their toes is to ensure that the types of content you serve up are varied in nature. All too many brands use one static form of content or another – maybe simple images, maybe pure text – to attract individuals. Specifically in B2B relations, the emphasis on professionalism often dilutes or dulls the mindset of brands to engage in a variety of ways. By creating podcasts, news articles, videos, content from influencers, weekly round-ups and motivational images, your audience will always be entertained and engaged regardless of the platform or the mood. By pinging URLs for all of these different types of content on your social media platforms, you’ll enjoy a more well-rounded success that other brands will undoubtedly envy.

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