Convert Offline Impressions Into Online Traffic

Online ArrowsIt wasn’t too long ago that all marketing and advertising efforts revolved around brick and mortar models. Without the internet, it was essential to reach people via mail, billboards, television and other formats in order to make an impression. In the past twenty years, many brands have moved onto the web to a large degree, with some brands functioning entirely via the internet. Despite an internet-only presence, there are plenty of reasons for marketing to people in the offline world. If you want to reach a new segment of interested customers, subscribers and readers, then consider the following offline tactics for boosting online engagement.

Brand Giveaway Items

Whether you operate partially in the physical realm or entirely on the web, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your brand recognition in the offline world via giveaway items and merchandise. From pens and stress balls to notebooks and hand-bags, brands can be pinging users with brand impressions by crafting their details and logo on items that people use every day. Not only will these items be useful in reminding people about your brand in a consistent capacity, but it can also be a great way to pique the interests of others who see these items. Depending on the nature of your brand, it may be easy to facilitate the distribution of these items through a variety of metropolitan areas.

Get to Work with Flyers

All too many online brands spend copious amounts of time advertising via search engines, email and social media, but few remember that offline impressions can also be helpful. Through the use of flyers and other comparable items, you can raise interest for your brand in many different relevant and local communities. Flyers are extremely easy to create and cheap to produce, making it easy to distribute them wherever you go. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, park, local business or convenience store, you’ll find places and ways to affix these flyers and drum up more interest for your cause, store or brand.

Purchase Paid Print Ads

While some feel that it may be useless for online brands, there is still much value that can be cultivated through the use of targeted print advertising. Whether you are aiming to reach individuals via direct mail or in a local newspaper, print advertising may be more competitive than you initially thought. Feeling the pressure from digital mediums, advertising in local markets in this capacity has become increasingly more affordable due to more people pinging users and customers online. Multiple studies that have analyzed the effect of print media on online traffic have shown that double-digit increases in traffic have been generated through continued marketing campaigns. You don’t want to cede any potential, fertile territory in the marketing game – be sure to consider this method for boosting your online traffic!

Whether you decide to evaluate the purchase of print media, hit the streets with a bag full of flyers or remind people about your brand with free merchandise, these strategies should all be considered by any brand that wants to boost their online traffic through more traditional means.

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