Why Editing Published Blog Posts Makes Sense

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Laptop EditWe work diligently to deliver content to our audiences, hoping that each piece of content is appreciated as much as the last. Unfortunately, not all pieces of content are guaranteed to perform as well as others, leaving us with plenty of research and data to consider when it comes to extracting a winning formula for content creation. Over time, however, even the most successful pieces of content can fade into obscurity, leaving us with a desire to replicate the success it once enjoyed. Published blog posts do not have to die a slow and painful death – you can inject new life into them! We’ll discuss below how you can get the most out of each piece of blog content by editing them after the fact.

Generating a Second Wind

Content creation is a stressful process that can exhaust our mental faculties and leave us struggling for new ideas. In many cases, content creation focuses on two different types – evergreen and current events. Some audiences are naturally seeking current events content as a way to keep up-to-date on the latest news and findings (newspapers, television stations and other comparable institutions deliver this). Evergreen content is content that can remain relevant forever or for long periods of time. Some forms of content may be evergreen in nature, but the shelf-life can fade with time. Reviewing this content on occasion – updating titles, refreshing the body and adding updated information – can give you a new reason to publish the content on social media and via email for a second round of sharing.

Providing Readers with More Multimedia

Any time you make major changes to a piece of blog content, you can justify sharing it again with readers and subscribers. Pinging users with updated content for a variety of reasons makes sense, but updating the multimedia elements within it can be one great way to justify doing so. Whether you have added new images, an after-the-fact podcast, relevant video or even a new infographic, these additions provide bloggers with an ability to resurrect the content and ensure that promoting it over and over again can be done successfully.

Improving Search Functionality

Not every piece of blog content is guaranteed to rank well in search. With the primary focus being on creating well-written content the first time around, search engines may or may not pick up on the quality. Returning to the post for a second round of edits can provide bloggers with an opportunity to freshen up the search engine optimization elements of the posts. Whether the post can be better formatted with subtitles and bullet points or can simply be infused with a few new keywords, there is often plenty of possibilities to consider. Great blog content will not only be about pinging users with great information, but it must also contain elements of search engine optimization.


Whether you want to clear up some typos, improve overall search engine visibility or provide users with additional information, editing already-published posts can be a great way to improve overall content quality and justify sharing with users via email, social media and beyond one more time.

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