Boost Google Traffic with These Three Tips

Boost TrafficMillions of websites now find themselves in competition with one another to ascend the ranks of Google and reach the top spots in their search niches. Perhaps more so than in any other industry, relevance is key to maintaining a strong presence in search engines. Many people have swore by link building as an effective way to boost PageRank and ensure that your site performs well in targeted SERPs. Throughout most of the time that SEO has been a concept, this has proven to be true. In recent months, however, we have seen a variety of signals coming from Google and others that suggests this practice will not always be relevant. What are some other ways that you can boost traffic and exposure through Google? Continue reading to find out about three simple tips that can help.

Write Comprehensive Articles

Google has recently began an expansion of its in-depth knowledge section of search results. It is expected that this little-noticed feature will become far more significant to search results in the coming year. Even though roughly one in twenty sets of search results contain in-depth article sections as of now, you can still target these SERPs for added benefit. The use of Google Authorship in conjunction with expansive articles that are focused on quality content will augment your ability to be pinging users via this Google feature, and can result in modest traffic increases over a period of months.

Create Better Experiences

Users tend to quickly leave sites that do not provide them with what they seek. This can also happen when your website is functionally-flawed; users will go elsewhere if the site is not easy to read and navigate. Google monitors this sort of behavior and will greatly reduce your rankings if you are found to be undesirable to those who find you through their search results. In addition to this, the amount of time that someone spends on your page can have an impact on Google’s perception of that page’s relevance, which means that a combination of thoroughness and relevance is needed when determining the layout of any content. By creating better experiences with users, you can maintain your lead in search results and build upon current levels of traffic.

Optimize for Mobile

As the internet continues to become more mobile-friendly, so too must your site. There are several mobile versions of a website that can quickly be configured, with the correct one being displayed after pinging users to determine the browser and device details. Over one-quarter of the world’s web traffic is now mobile and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year. Properly optimized websites that target mobile users will naturally place higher in SERPs throughout this crucial and growing demographic. Many people are more likely to browse and shop while on their mobile devices: it only makes sense to attempt to garner their attention and business.


Boosting Google traffic over the long run revolves around maintaining high positions in SERPs above all else. The name recognition and continued exposure will help you achieve dominance in your niche, but you must strive to avoid shifting SEO changes. For now, it is important to focus on mobile optimization, better user experiences and high-quality articles if you want sustained increases in traffic.

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