7 Online Businesses You Can Start Today

Millennials are falling in with the freelancer lifestyle. Working 9-5 is so yesterday. Becoming a freelancer means you are free to work the hours that suit your lifestyle, so if you are happier sleeping in until lunchtime, and then working until midnight, go for it. The hardest part of being a freelancer is figuring out what kind of business you want to work in. The good news is that there are a million and one online entrepreneurial opportunities out there. The only limiter is your self-belief.

Here are seven simple online businesses you can start today.

1. Freelance Copywriter

Content marketing is a thriving business as all websites need good quality content. Writing content, blogs and guest posts is something anyone can do, but you need a good grasp of English and grammar. Native English writers are generally preferred, but if you are fluent in a different language, for example Spanish, there is also a market for content written in other languages.

Look for work on popular freelancer websites such as freelancer.com and upwork.com.

2. eBay Seller

Anyone can sell products on eBay. If you like the idea of selling online, test the waters with a small shop on eBay. eBay provides back office support, so all you have to do is create listings and then post the goods out once you make a sale.

3. Artisan Crafts

Are you a skilled craftsperson? If so, consider starting a business selling your goods on websites such as Etsy. There is a big market for hand-made crafts. Start-up costs for this type of business are low. You can start small and once your reputation grows, begin crafting full-time.

4. Business Consultant

Do you have a wealth of experience in the business sector? Companies pay good money for consultants to come in and help them with various aspects of their business. Market your skills in whatever niche you know best. Become active on sites like LinkedIn and offer snippets of advice for free. This type of business is all about brand, so work hard at building your brand and connections.

5. Life Coach

Are you good at helping other people work through their problems? Life coaches are always in demand, especially in the upper echelons of business. Again, you need to build a brand, so start getting your name out there in the online world.

6. IT Support

Are you the person everyone turns to when their computer fries or their network connection fails? Most small businesses can’t afford to pay for full-time IT support, so they hire freelancers to help fix their problems. If you are IT literate and know Microsoft inside out, this is a good job for you.

7. E-Book Author

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you can’t fail to have missed the e-book revolution. Anyone can write and publish books online, so what are you waiting for? You could be the next E.L. James!

The best way to start an online business is to try it alongside an existing job. That way, if it all goes pear-shaped, you still have an income.

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