Five Must Have Legal Resources for Freelancers

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Law FreelancersUpon learning that you can make money with your talents right from your home, the allure of the job seems all optimistic and with no drawbacks. Unfortunately, you will realize that certain perks are traded off for various disadvantages: the lack of a steady guaranteed income, the necessity for you to drum up your own business and the absence of benefits that come with traditional employment are just a few. Legally speaking, there are also a number of concerns any freelancer must have when doing business – below, we will outline five must have resources for freelance freedom.

Many freelancers work knowing that their projects will be used and owned by their clients, but there are also instances in which freelancers are working on personal projects for the future. When it comes to obtaining the appropriate information regarding copyrights, the US Government’s is the best place to find all of the information you need. From here, you’ll be pinging networks for existing copyright records, learn about the copyrighting process and also review any and all regulations and laws that may apply.


If you are worried about potential tax implications when working as a freelancer, then it is a good idea to have a certified personal accountant (CPA) on call to assist with any and all questions, paperwork and filing. These individuals will be able to provide you with information on subjects like deductions, tax credits and liabilities in the event you are worried about an audit. While many freelancers may feel they are not successful enough to employ the services of a CPA, it is money well-spent and will save you financial headaches in the future.

Small Business Administration

Another government portal, the Small Business Agency will help provide budding freelancers with all the information they need in regards to setting up and properly operating their sole proprietors hips and other ventures. A quick action of pinging networks on will show you that there is abundant information on laws regarding small businesses, license and permit information, legal documents, tax forms and any and all grant programs available to certain businesses.


While you will not need consistent legal representation, it is a good idea to have a contracted lawyer who can provide legal assistance and advice when needed. The need for a lawyer will vary depending on the exact freelancing business you are running, but they will be able to help with any legal questions that are not sufficiently answered in the above solutions. This action will help you draft any and all legal documents to be used between yourself and clients, helping protect your finances in the long run.


If you do not currently have enough money to procure a contracted lawyer, then you may want to consider a service like LawGuru. This is a site run by lawyers for those who cannot otherwise obtain the legal counsel they desperately need. Best of all, in addition to free services, there are also paid services available that offer a more in-depth understanding of key legal concepts.

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    A freelance contractor is a self-employed person who combines elements of both freelancers and contractors.


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