3 Ways To Boost Your Audience Engagement With Video

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Audience engagement is crucial to the success of your business. By being creative with your videos, you allow your brand to shine and boost customer engagement. Branding with videos enables you to show what your business stands for and to create something beneficial to your customers.

In this article, you’ll learn the following best ways to boost your audience’s engagement with videos:

  • Captivating Video Ads  

One effective way to boost audience engagement is to create captivating video ads. Commercial video clips can give you a leg-up on the competition. You can create videos for social media and paid search engine ads.

Creating online advertising campaigns on social platforms can help increase your brand exposure and traffic. You can hire a professional video advertisement maker to ensure you only post high-quality videos that will leave good impressions to your target audience.

Here are some helpful tips when creating video ads that leave good impressions:

  • Keep It Short And Sweet: Make every second count by only highlighting what makes your brand great. Avoid fluffiness and use easy-to-understand words. Spread your message and eliminate unnecessary content to keep viewers engaged.
  • Time Your Video Ads: As much as possible, keep the optimal length of video ads, 30 seconds or less, when creating a video script. Use longer videos for brand positioning to be effective.
  • Use A Call To Action: Encourage more people to take action by adding a call to action (CTA) to the video or through text and graphics. You can show viewers how to visit your website, sign up for a discount, or support your products and services.

  • Maximise Interaction With Creative Native Video Content 

Native content refers to content directly uploaded on an online platform without routing the visitor to go elsewhere and return to the page to engage. In this way, your audience won’t lose focus on your brand and have more time to engage with your offerings. You can maximise audience interaction by posting creative native video content on your Facebook pages, website, and other online channels.

Check the following examples of native video content that you can create for your online marketing channels:

  • Explainer Videos: These include videos explaining the benefits of your new product or service or how to use them to improve your audience’s lives.
  • Animation Videos: These videos have amazing graphics, such as cartoons, perfect for capturing the attention of younger generations.
  • Inspiring Videos: Inspire your audience to make a difference by uploading inspiring videos showing kindness, enthusiasm, dedication, and other good qualities you want them to feel and think on.
  • Tutorial Videos: Provide videos on how to do things step by step, which serve as useful references for your viewers.


  • Upload Video On Your Listing  

According to a trusted source, 66% of business owners surveyed answered that videos are the most effective content marketing form that converts more customers. As compared with looking at listing images, it’s a lot easier to understand the features and benefits of a product or service through a video listing presentation.

Rapid changes are happening in the listing landscape. If you have an online business, be a proactive seller by taking advantage of adding video to your product listings. Reap the rewards by creating engaging and informative video content.

Take a look at the following tips on how to create killer videos for your listings:

  • Ask Closed-Ended Questions: Closed-ended questions are answerable by yes or no. Allow your viewers to answer these questions and keep them watching and engaged. Some examples include, “Are you looking for a two-bedroom apartment?’ or ‘Do you want to find out how to get quick cash?’.
  • Build Your Personal Brand: Boosted explains that a video maker helps businesses thrive with marketing videos. So, say your name in your video’s first five seconds to personalize your brand. By doing so, you’ll help the audience remember your business.
  • Bring Out The Emotional Connection: Give your audience something that Google can’t provide: the emotional connection. For instance, if you’re in real estate, you can encourage people to buy a property by saying, “You can transform this basement according to your liking, like into a game room, movie theater, or a home gym.’


Boost your engagement with creative native video ads to make an excellent lasting impression. Keep your target audience engaged by keeping videos short and sweet, informative, and entertaining. You can create videos of different formats, themes, and topics, whatever appeals the most to your target audience. You can also start listing videos to keep your audience engaged and entice more people to support your products and services.

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