Etsy Marketing is Easy with Pinterest

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 HandcraftEtsy and Pinterest are two websites that despite coming from completely different angles, complement one another very well. Etsy allows for the sale and distribution of vintage and handcrafted goods, while Pinterest is used by many to create designs and themes for both the self and home. Because of this, many users of one platform ultimately gravitate to the other, finding an immense amount of potential in being active on both fronts. For those who want to market their Etsy storefronts to a naturally receptive audience, Pinterest offers an array of benefits that can make your marketing efforts much easier.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In the past, Etsy and Pinterest had some squabbles over the sharing of copyrighted content from Etsy on Pinterest’s boards. To rectify this, several pinging tools were added to allow Etsy items to be featured while giving credit where credit is due. The attribution tag is one of the most functional. It lets someone pin an Etsy item to their pinboard and a tag is created below the item that shows it is an Etsy item and the seller of the item. This type of promotion means that anyone who likes your items and pins them to their board can create a wave of interest in your products, in the form of their friends seeing and sharing them.

Pin Options on Etsy

Understanding how this close dynamic works in both sites’ favours, Etsy made sure to add ‘Pin It’ options for its sellers, allowing them to be featured below each product. Combined with the attribution feature mentioned earlier, this gives users of both platforms a pretty seamless way to shop and discover on Etsy, followed by sharing their desired items on Pinterest. Another great included feature of the Etsy Pin It button is the transfer of product details to the person’s pinboard. This lets people not only see your products, but the same description that you provide to Etsy – a great solution for marketing.

Pricing Options

Those who wish to share your Etsy items on Pinterest can not only share photos, description and seller name, but there is also an option to display the price of the item. While this part is not automatic (user has to input the price when pinning to their board), many people do in fact share this information because the point of Pinterest is to collaborate, share and encourage others to find interest in the products you pin. When using this option, the item in question also gets extra attention by being classified in the gifts category of Pinterest. With all of these benefits, Pinterest is basically a second storefront.

While many people use a variety of pinging tools to get the word out about their Etsy storefronts, the ever-growing relationship between Etsy and Pinterest should make every seller consider expanding their marketing efforts. Considering that it is free, fun and millions of people are using the platform, expanding your reach to Pinterest as a seller while also encouraging others to share your items really is a no-brainer.

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