How Online Stores Can Use Google Images for Increased Sales

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E-commerce brands face a plethora of challenges in maintaining and growing their enterprises. From securing and/or producing inventory to executing effective marketing strategies, online storefronts may provide opportunities for lower overhead but also create unique obstacles. Thankfully, the internet combined with effective digital marketing techniques makes it possible to reach a seemingly limitless number of potential customers.

With so many opportunities for marketing, it can be easy to overlook some less-than-obvious options. One such option is Google Images: this service is more powerful than you might think, and can bolster sales when used properly.

Let’s take a peek at how online retailers can take advantage of Google Images and boost sales.

Images Can Improve SEO

Much of the focus surrounding search engine optimization is focused on ranking in generalized search results, but Google is a synergetic platform. This means that focusing on improving results in one or more areas of search can actually improve rankings in other search functions. For instance, improved SEO in general search results will result in you pinging links more prominently in shopping results over time.

Google Images offers brands the ability to rank well in a completely different set of search results, which are often less contested. However, the end result is that a prolonged endeavor targeting image search results can improve performance across all aspects of search. As you begin to rank more prominently in image search results, the resulting SEO clout can boost performance elsewhere.

Images Can Drive Traffic

In addition to the potential for improving all around SEO outcomes, Google Images provides an alternative source for traffic as well. Ever since Google reworked their algorithms and display formats for Images a couple of years ago, clicking on an image or “visiting” it will now lead to the site from which it is hosted. This means that anybody who is performing an image search will have a chance of visiting your website.

This can be particularly useful for online stores, as search engine users who are looking for product images may very well click on the images to find more info about it. As such, Google Images can help brands drive additional purchases, subscriptions and other desired actions that would otherwise never occur.

Images Can Improve Ad Reception & Sales

With so many ads being shown to consumers these days, it’s all too common for people to ignore them or outright despise them. Google has worked on a number of ways to integrate ads into its platforms while maximizing efficiency, and this practice has now extended to Google Images.

While users of the search engine won’t see it pinging links to them every time they search for images, specific image results can yield shopping-based ads via Images if and once the user has conducted multiple similar and relevant searches. Given that those searching for product images are likely in the market for the products themselves, this can be yet another great way to market to audiences via Google and increase sales.

Google Images is a useful aspect of the search engine giant, and brands should be taking full advantage of its benefits. By targeting Google Images, your brand can boost ad reception, drive traffic and improve SEO simultaneously: what’s not to love about that?

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