3 Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Facebook Ads has been around for more than 10 years and in that time it has undergone numerous changes. With all these changes it can be difficult to keep up and many marketers end up making simple mistakes that make it seem that they just wasted money with no return. In this article, we will look at the most common Facebook Ad mistakes you could be making and how you can rectify them.

Not Having Set Objectives

It is so easy to make this mistake because Facebook ads does not have any barriers to entry; anyone with an account can create a campaign in just a few steps. If you do not have a clear objective, it is difficult to develop a clear strategy. Clear objectives give you a clear vision of what you want to achieve with Facebook ads and a clear strategy helps you put the necessary steps in place to achieve your goals and objectives.

To avoid this issue, start by defining your goals in collaboration with other stakeholders. Doing so makes it easier to achieve your advertising and marketing goals. Second, have a strategy in place. Your strategy should be an action plan that sets out the steps you will take to achieve your goals. Lastly, you need to set and track key performance indicators so you can optimize your campaigns as you go along.

Poor Targeting

Facebook has billions of users and there is a massive amount of content being uploaded on the platform each day. It is easy for your content to be lost in this massive space and this is why targeting is so important.

Additionally, numerous businesses on the platform means you will be competing for attention with other businesses using Facebook ads. All of this is to say that, without proper targeting, your content is likely to not be seen by the right people.

You can use the features provided by Facebook to do proper audience targeting. You can define your location, targeted demographics, interests, engagement, and other metrics to ensure your content reaches these people.

When setting your targeting metrics, try to ensure you do not target an audience that is too specific or too broad. You can do this by setting the size of the targeted audience when creating a campaign.

Lack of Active Management

While it may sound like a myth, Facebook ad fatigue is a real thing. It happens when people see the same ad numerous times so they stop clicking on it. They are also likely to get desensitized to your other ads as well. This results in a reduced return on advertising investment.

To rectify this, look at the analytics to see how your different ads are performing. For ads that are performing poorly, check elements like the copy, audience targeting, campaign objectives, and ad creative to see what you can change.


Facebook ads are very powerful , but they can quickly stop producing the results you are looking for if you do not pay close attention or make the mistakes discussed above. Avoiding these mistakes means you can use Facebook ads to add new customers, increase revenues and even transform your business.

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