Your Web Content is Boring! It’s Time for a Change

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Sometimes, the signs that our websites’ content has become boring may not be immediately discernible. You may have noticed a drop in traffic lately, or a change in the amount of time people are spending on each of your pages. While this can be caused by a number of reasons, many discover that over time, their enthusiasm and creativity wanes – leaving something to be desired by both yourself and your readers. We will address the key causes of dull content and provide solutions so that you can begin to rectify the problem.

No Story

Each post should read like a mini-story, giving readers both information and a sense of adventure. It is very difficult to maintain the attention of a reader if you are only listing facts and figures in a straightforward sense. Do you remember how persistent your creative writing teacher was in making sure that your story was actually creative? Pretend that he or she is still looking over your shoulder. By using anecdotal evidence, metaphors and story-telling, you can keep the attention of the reader while giving him or her the desired information.

Too Much Advertising

If your website or blog reads more like an advertisement than it does a portal for news and information, then you may find that readers simply do not appreciate being bombarded with ads. While readers accept ads as an everyday part of life, you must also provide information or content of equal or greater value to make it worth their while. Most likely, the information displayed on your site or blog can be found elsewhere; if they cannot see the forest for the trees, then they are likely to go elsewhere.

Quantity Over Quality

Many webmasters believe that publishing lots of content will give their site an added boost. While it may help you in search rankings, it certainly will not help you in acquiring loyal and returning visitors. With so many elements to balance in a web post or article, it can be overwhelming at times to make sure everything is just right. Spend more time focusing on the general content of your posts, followed by a revision that adds the crucial advertising and keyword elements. Tip: Need to check your keyword density? Pingler’s Keyword Density Checker Tool will extract any and all keywords from your site.

Poor Topic Selection

Is the subject that you cover simply not interesting to many readers? Have you taken a different approach in recent weeks or months that could be to blame? By making sure that the topics you are covering are actually desired material by search engine users, you can avoid crafting quality articles and blog posts on things nobody wants to read. While we all have become accustomed to filling in those peculiar niches, sometimes, it is simply a better strategy to let someone else do the hard work. Select topics relevant to your site that are new, hip, interesting or controversial. There are many areas in which you should be risky when it comes to content, but you should never take a risk when it comes to covering a boring subject.

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    nice info.kudos ! i hope my blog readers are not bored by my writing ~.~


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