How to Improve Conversions from Twitter Ads

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Twitter BirdTwitter is a great social media to be on, especially if you want to benefit from real-time user engagement and in-the-moment interaction. Twitter is also a great platform to share new content and to promote your website.

You can always take the long route and do everything organically, but Twitter is now offering chances to reach the right target audience in a relatively short amount of time. These chances can be yours when you use Twitter Ads and its immense advertising network.

Before you start placing advertisements and promoted tweets, make sure you know how to improve conversions from Twitter Ads and produce the most impact. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind.

Be Specific with Your Targeting

Twitter is suffering from a particular problem – more so than other social networks. That problem is noise; a lot of noise. Getting an exposure ratio of 5% is usually good enough for organic tweets, especially with users now following more than 600 accounts at a time.

The same problem exists when you use Twitter Ads. Your ads are placed among users’ tweets, which means you’re swimming in the same sea of noise. The only difference is that promoted tweets appear more prominent than the rest, so you’re already a step ahead.

To increase conversion, make sure you are very specific with your targeting. Don’t just go with demographics and expect your Twitter Ads to produce great results. The Twitter Ads platform has plenty of tools you can use to target more specific audience, including behaviour targeting and tailored audience targeting.

Stand Out More with Cards

Don’t just use a generic tweet as the content of your advertisement. You need to really stand out from the crowd in order to gain attention and encourage action. This means taking advantage of Twitter’s Cards display and linking to an optimised landing page.

Twitter Cards are particularly good because you can show more than just a snippet of the site and a small thumbnail. You can use a large image – or several of them – to capture the attention of your target audience. Optimise your content to match and Twitter Cards can be highly effective indeed.

A Call to Action and a Question

The two things that will garner the most user engagement on Twitter are a strong call to action and a question. You can use one of these as part of your content and increase your conversion rate quite substantially.

A matching call to action is a must. If you’re promoting an article, make sure the button at the lower-right corner of the promoted tweet says ‘Read More’. If it’s a product or a service, customise the call to action to match. Users need to know why they should click on the button, so give them a strong and compelling reason to do so.

These tips may be simple, but they work wonders in increasing conversion from Twitter Ads. The next time you create a new campaign – or revise an existing one – make sure you take these new details into considerations.

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