How to Boost the Average Purchase Amount of Your Customers

Red RocketOnline stores and businesses have many different needs and tasks to consider on a daily basis. Whether a business deals exclusively with online sales or provides both in-store and online services, there are plenty of tweaks that can be made in marketing, customer service and other areas to improve the overall result. Boosting sales is incredibly important to most businesses and requires an innate focus on several different metrics of e-commerce. Today, we’ll discuss how you can not only ensure that more customers successfully checkout and make purchases via your store, but also ensure that the average purchase is larger.

Thank Them

While it won’t necessarily yield results at the time of the specific purchase, many brands understand that loyalty, engagement and other brand factors help produce better results in the future. For online stores, a simple “thank you” can go a long way toward boosting loyalty and the propensity for customers to buy in the future. Having a thank you page, automated email and occasional attempts at outreach – thanking them for their loyalty – not only will help boost the average purchase amount from each customer in the future, but it is also just a good thing to do. Being nice to your customers never hurts.

Always Be Upselling

Finding ways in which you can be pinging your website with product and service offerings is just good marketing. However, those who have begun the purchase process are especially prime targets for this behaviour. Whenever a customer adds an item to their cart or begins the check-out process, you want to try to sell them something else. Depending on what the product or service entails, you can offer them a longer subscription for a reduced rate, more product at a cheaper price, or some comparable combination. Since these people are ready to buy and ready to buy today, you have nothing to lose by trying to subtly add a little bit more to their shopping cart through persuasion.

Utilize Combos and Related Features

Even before users begin adding items to their carts and checking out, you can find many different ways to pique their interests in buying more. One common tactic is to offer combos or bundles to shoppers, giving them discounts on multiple items when purchased together. Another effective strategy you’ll want to be pinging your website with is related product add-ons, which will recommend various products to shoppers based on the products they’re perusing. Especially helpful with bigger stores, these tools can often help shoppers find additional items of interest that they might not otherwise discover on their own. These strategies can be used whether you are offering products or offering services, and have been proven to work quite well across all industries and niches.

Increasing the average purchase amount of your shoppers and customers is both beneficial and essential to long-term success. By creating additional loyalty, you can boost overall purchase amounts quite effectively. By incorporating a combination of related features, upselling and combo deals, you can further improve performance. Have you already found other strategies to be effective in doing this? If so, tell us below about your findings.

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