Why Google Shopping is a Powerful Platform for E-commerce Businesses

If you run an online business, Google Shopping could be a powerful platform for you. It allows businesses to serve ads following a search. Because the ads posted are highly relevant and displayed prominently, Google Shopping can benefit your business in numerous ways. For businesses that are not using this platform, here are some convincing reasons why they should.

It Allows You to Capture a Lot of Attention

When you perform a search for a product, Google will look at your keywords and phrasing to determine whether you are looking to buy. If it determines you are, it will display a carousel that contains products from various retailers.

Here, users see product images as well as their names, so these products are what they are looking for. Because these listings are placed at the top of the page and displayed prominently and in a visually appealing way, businesses can better capture the attention of users who are already intent on completing a purchase.

It Allows You to Connect with Customers Across All of Google’s Properties

As you know, Google owns a lot of online properties including Google search, Maps, Google Assistant and YouTube. By enabling Google Shopping across all its properties, Google puts you and your products in front of hundreds of millions of people every day.

These people might be on different stages of the purchase journey, but the fact that they see your products when on this journey increases the likelihood that they will complete this journey on your website.

It Helps Increase Sales

The best time to capture the attention of a potential customer is when they are ready to take action, in need, or feel inspired. Google Shopping ensures that your products are shown to them at this time.

Google also allows select businesses to enable sales completion on their platforms for a smoother customer experience which leads to increased sales.

This benefit applies whether you are selling through a store, website or app.

Google Shopping Caters to Businesses of All Sizes

One downside of a lot of e-commerce platforms and solutions businesses use is that they sometimes lock out smaller businesses. Google focuses on helping businesses of all sizes reach the right customers.

It does not matter if you are a multi-channel retailer, a local business or a small business, Google Shopping has a solution for you.

Availability of Various Tools

Google Shopping gives you access to various reporting and campaign management tools that help you assess your competition, discover growth opportunities and save both time and money.

You can use the insights you get from these tools in conjunction with other tools you use to streamline operations, improve products and services, better meet customer needs and so much more.

It Can Improve Customer Targeting

Selling to the same types of customers can be a great way to guarantee sales. Google Shopping has a “Similar Audiences” feature that businesses can use to tell the company to show their ads to users similar to people who have already visited their website.

Funnelling highly relevant audiences like this can enhance customer acquisition and improve conversions.


With all the benefits it affords businesses of different types of services, Google Shopping has become one of the most powerful platforms and tools for e-commerce businesses. Getting started is easy, but you need an established business first.

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