Why Following Your Competitors Is an Absolute Must

Train TracksRegardless of the product or service that you provide, there are many other competitors with whom you’ll need to fight for attention. Some industries naturally have more competition than others, but it is guaranteed that you’ll have to battle it out in every search engine result and on every social media platform to ensure you acquire as many customers, fans and subscribers as possible. Despite the frustration over their existence, you can actually learn quite a bit from your competitors. If you want to make the competition work for you, then continue reading to find out why following them is an absolute must.

Your Competitors Can Be a Barometer

The first reason why following your competitors is a good idea is that you’ll be able to tell what works and what doesn’t within your niche. From blog posts to social media blurbs, scanning the content that your competitors publish on a daily basis can help you to better understand how your audience reacts or doesn’t react to various strategies. While some people are all too willing to pay large sums of money to learn more about their audiences, you can begin pinging websites within your niche to figure out how each specific piece of content resonates with people. While not as refined as analytics, it can be a god-send for brands that want to narrow their focus and implement broad-based content and marketing strategies that are ideal for a particular niche.

You’ll Find Content Possibilities

It’s definitely a good idea to look at your competitors in order to find out what is working. It can also be a good idea to look in order to find out what is missing. Within any given niche, there are potential topics and ideas that are not being covered. After reviewing what your competitors are discussing and serving up, you may be able to find new ideas in the vacuum of that, which can help you to attract some of their audiences. Content creation and marketing are cut-throat areas on the web, so you have to be able to deduce from your competitors what to create that they are not currently offering. Following the competition can open plenty of new doors in this regard.

You’ll See Flaws in Engagement

Not all of your competitors will respond to customer service, criticism and other forms of engagement with equal skill. Those who are smart enough to recognize where there are flaws can easily begin to attract new business from these brands. Any business or brand that isn’t engaging with its audience on social media in a timely fashion, for instance, can be in serious danger of losing customers and clients to the competition. By setting up a variety of feeds that monitor these elements – along with pinging websites and social media profiles for estimated response times – you can begin to improve your own efforts in order to attract them. There are even opportunities in which you can incorporate your superior customer service and engagement methods into marketing efforts that simultaneously praise your brand and blast the competition.

Paying attention to your competition is vital for long-term success. You’ll be able to detect flaws in their responses and engagement, discover new mini-niches that you can serve, and figure out which


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