Some Lesser Known Link Directories to Consider

Link BallsWhen building backlinks, it can be frustrating to locate and post to site after site with the hopes of getting some recognition by the search engines. Luckily, some sites are specifically designed to allow you to build backlinks and gain valuable exposure to people who are searching for your particular type of site. Link directories exist in many forms and can be found all over the internet, but very few are popular enough to be worth the fuss. We have put together a list of a few of the best link directories that you may have never heard of, giving you the opportunity to use them in conjunction with more popular alternatives.


IndexKing has an extensive database of links (40,000+) and covers categories such as Arts & Humanities, Blogs, Education and Sports. Not only can you submit links to IndexKing, but you can also submit articles in the same way you can to site such as EzineArticles. You can visit this directory and sign up for an account today in just a few minutes.

Herlight Web Directory

While not as heavily-trafficked as IndexKing, Herlight Web Directory offers another way to get your name and site some good reputation when it comes to PageRank and visibility. With approximately twenty main subject categories broken down into many subcategories, you are able to find the right directory niche for your site, which will give it more credibility when search engine bots come across the link. Herlight Web Directory offers permanent links for one year for just $3.

Back Links Free

One of the largest “stealth” back link sites on the web, Back Links Free currently features over 60,000 links in a variety of categories. By registering a free account, you can then proceed to suggest or submit your link for addition to the site. The only restrictions are for adult material or questionable sites (i.e.: viruses), so there’s no reason not to add your link to this site.

One Link SEO

A new link directory on the web, One Link SEO makes up for its youth with a heavily optimized SEO presence. Currently hosting over 50,000 links, One Link SEO allows for links that most directories permit and some that others do not (gambling, for instance). It’s free to use and submitting your site takes just a minute. It’s a good idea to never turn down a good link directory, and this directory meets the criteria your site needs to boost your ranking and get high-quality backlinks.


Perhaps this isn’t a lesser known directory, but DMOZ is so old and established that many new SEO enthusiasts neglect to use it or feel that it is obsolete. The truth of the matter is that backlinks are backlinks, and there is no other site directory out there with more reputation than DMOZ. After adding your site to DMOZ, you can check to see how many links you have on there by using Pingler’s DMOZ Backlink Checker. Simply input your URL and in seconds you will have a list of all of your site’s backlinks listed on DMOZ.


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    I’ve noticed an increase in traffic since we started using Pingler to promote our site. When i submit a new blog post to Pingler, not only do i see more traffic to my blog, but i also see more followers to my Twitter account: @EverNoticeThat since i feed my new posts to Twitter.

    The tips provided here have been an invaluable resource and i urge anyone concerned with SEO, and site promotion to give it a try. Thanks Pingler!


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    Thank you, I am fairly new at blogging, so I appreciate all the help any nice person iw willing to share.


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    How does the recent Google updates (Panda and Penguin) affect the use of these link directories in building backlinks?


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    thank you, this information is very good
    I recently built a blog so I hope with good backlink


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