Vital Tips for Making Your Marketing and SEO Efforts More Unified

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Brands, businesses and blogs alike have a fundamental need for marketing solutions. Whether they be organic efforts such as social media and SEO or paid solutions via PPC campaigns, this array of options makes it possible to reach a maximum number of people within one or more audiences.

However, the tactics and strategies involved with each set of marketing strategies can easily become disjointed. When marketing efforts fail to complement one another, the power of the broader campaign(s) can fall relatively flat.

In the spirit of unifying your paid marketing and SEO efforts more effectively, let’s look at a few vital tips designed to make these strategies work in harmony.

Expand Content Offerings

Depending on which search niches you’re targeting and which platforms you’re running PPC ads on, you may need to target different audiences with different forms of content. While this may seem like the opposite of the goal here – i.e. unifying these strategies – you can actually accomplish the same feat on the back end by expanding your content offerings.

Given that search engine users and PPC ad viewers may fundamentally be looking for different content styles and information, it makes sense to expand content opportunities when total unison between the two formats of exposure cannot be unified. By pinging your website with a greater selection, you can more effectively harmonize your ads and SEO goals with their specific content pairings.

Delve Into Your Metrics and Analytics

Knowing how to proceed with unifying your campaigns can only be done by knowing how your audiences are responding to past efforts. This is why marketing analytics, SEO analytics and website analytics alike are so crucial.

By analyzing these data-sets, you’ll likely find areas of commonality where you can further harmonize your campaigns. You’ll also discover unique interests and behaviors in each grouping, which can still be used to customize specific narratives even with a unified effort.

Make Use of More Visual Content

Search engines and social media alike are increasingly reliant upon various forms of multimedia. With more demand for photos, images, infographics, videos and other forms of visual content, it makes sense that both your PPC campaigns and SEO endeavors should incorporate as much visual content as possible.

This means pinging your website with optimized images and videos that will display in image and video-related search results, as well as upping your PPC game with crisper and more enticing images and videos to lure in audiences.

Experiment with PPC First

Let’s face it: SEO is a slog. It can take weeks or even months before you’ve discovered whether a particular strategy is delivering results. As such, it only makes sense that any efforts to alter or unify your campaigns should first be tested via paid marketing efforts.

This will allow you to very quickly and easily test out new strategies, narratives and content offerings on a variety of different audiences. By doing so, the results and data collected can help you uncover within a very short time whether a proposed course of action for PPC & SEO alike is potentially beneficial.

While each strategy has unique considerations, bringing your organic and paid marketing campaigns into greater harmony only makes sense. By harmonizing each, you have the ability to increase the power of your broader efforts across platforms and deliver greater long-term benefits in the process.


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