Ideas for Using Yelp Trends to Boost Search Rankings

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Search RankingsWith the internet being such a hugely competitive place, it comes as no surprise that reputation is a vital component of any successful business or endeavour. Of all who use Yelp, an overwhelming percentage of them state that a business’ reviews and position on the network determines flat out whether they will shop with them or not. Because of this, Yelp has become essential in many businesses’ content strategies and as such, the popularity has affected how search engines prioritize strong performers. Yelp’s data can be immensely valuable to anyone who wants to augment this effect, and Yelp Trends now makes it easier than ever to accomplish it. We’ll discuss how you can boost search ranking using these trends below.

Follow the Rises and Falls of Trends

Being able to snag prominence in an emerging market or fad is pretty much impossible with pinging search engines for analytics and data. Yelp Trends obviously can help you find out what is surging in the minds and hearts of your customers and potential consumers. What are your competitors doing, and have their recent efforts had the desired effect? Yelp Trends can help you unearth the secrets about this and figure out if it’s time for you to unveil a new product, revise expenditures in your ad campaigns against another competitor or make other needed changes in your overall strategy. In essence, monitoring the rises and falls of trends within Yelp is the primary reason and motivation to use this service.

Isolate Future Trends

Yelp has managed to aggregate a vast amount of data over ten years of being in the business of reviews. Anyone who is involved with content creation can quickly isolate and assess past trends to see what happened when, but this information can also be helpful in determining what needs to be done in the future. There isn’t a better example of using the past to determine the future than with seasonal trends; how will the next holiday season look for your business? By assessing the reviews – both number and quality – that have been left on Yelp for these industries in the past, you’ll have a better idea of whether your proposed expansion or strategy is worth the effort.

Compare Multiple Trends

Depending on your business and desire to boost search engine potential, you may have multiple areas that need to be addressed. Likewise, your business may strive to be the best in several different areas. Yelp Trends can be a great way to compare multiple trends side-by-side to determine where your efforts are better focused, and where matters are less pressing. You’ll be able to filter these results by geography, industry and other areas; this can be very useful in determining where best to be pinging search engines/targeting customers via advertising, and where you may want to appeal to users with different services and products. Review-based trend analysis and metrics have traditionally been unavailable, but Yelp Trends is clearing the way not just for the observation of data, but also the comparison of multiple sets of it.

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