The Best SEO Software of 2021

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Below is compiled a list of programs that will help you quickly and effectively deal with the day-to-day tasks of SEO promotion and website optimization. The selection includes services and platforms for site auditing, promotion, and SEO analysis of the text. Many of them offer free trial versions or give the opportunity of free use with limited functionality. SEO specialists backed with software support can achieve success even in the most complicated cases.

  1. Serpstat


Serpstat is a multifunctional platform that enables:


  • Website SEO audit.
  • Search engine analytics.
  • Position monitoring.
  • Market research.
  • Keyword phrase analysis, pay-per-click, link, and competitor analysis.


This software helps identify and correct SEO errors such as incorrect headers, incorrectly configured sitemap, errors in page addresses, etc. It can analyze the link profile of the site, identifies competitor sites, their positions in search results and visibility, and monitors dynamic changes in various indicators, such as the amount of traffic to your site and competitors. It collects the most effective keywords from various regional databases and determines their value as well as analyses advertising campaigns and content of competitor sites, popular queries in a particular business niche.




  • Has extensions for Chrome, Mozilla, Opera browsers.
  • Has an API and the ability to integrate with your site’s data collection systems.
  • You can add users at no additional cost: open access to the project or give the ability to track its performance.
  • The Serpstat connector and Google Data Studio are used for data visualization, but they are available only for users with a Serpstat account and API limits.


Cost: Depends on your plan and ranges from $69 to $499 per month.

  1. Netpeak Software


Netpeak Software includes two primary tools for SEO tasks:


  1. Netpeak Spider for comprehensive website auditing.
  2. Netpeak Checker for website analysis and comparison.


Netpeak Spider


This software allows you to perform a quick SEO analysis of the site, find technical and internal optimization mistakes, dead links, duplicate pages, parsing sites, analyze dozens of SEO parameters, as well as source code and HTTP headers. It helps to calculate internal PageRank and conduct more detailed data analysis thanks to the possibility of their segmentation, create a site map (HTML, TXT, XML formats) using the built-in generator and check it for errors.




  • Integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrics.
  • Website parser allows 4 search types (Regexp, XPath, CSS) and up to 100 conditions.
  • Audit results can be generated in PDF.
  • Multi-domain scanning capability.
  • Live support.
  • A free 14 days trial is available.


Cost: Monthly subscriptions (one license) range from $19 to $99.

Netpeak Checker


This software is suitable for mass analysis and comparison of sites. Its built-in parser collects data from Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo search results. The program allows you to check the indexed pages, assess the visibility of sites, and compare them to a large number of indicators of various SEO services. Netpeak Checker’s functionality allows you to determine the age of sites, the availability of domains for purchase, perform a page-by-page technical audit of the site, as well as check its speed and adaptation for mobile devices.




  • Parsing has settings by geolocation, country, language, snippet type, etc.,
  • Supports proxy lists and services to solve captchas.
  • Data export to CSV or XLSX formats as well as customizable reports are available.
  • Live support.
  • A free 14 days trial is available.


Cost: A one-month subscription (one license) costs between $19 and $99 (depending on tariff plan).


  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider


Program for the complex site audit. It finds broken links, server errors, header and metadata errors, missing or duplicate data, as well as non-existent pages. It also detects redirects as well as URLs blocked by robots.txt, meta robots, or X-Robots-Tag directives. This software extracts information from the HTML code of the page using CSS Path and Xpath, such as meta tags, prices, product position identifiers and generates Sitemap.




  • Integration with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights.
  • Ability to visualize site architecture.
  • Free version available with limited functionality such as scanning up to 500 URLs.


Cost: $192 per year for a license. There are discounts for a single purchase of 5 or more licenses.


  1. Ahrefs


It is a set of tools for the SEO optimization of a website. They can be used to:


  • Site audit.
  • Position tracking.
  • Keyword analysis, content analysis, and customer search queries.


Ahrefs tools allow you to conduct organic traffic research, backlink analysis, and pay-per-click analysis of any site and URL. It helps to audit a website, check for performance issues, and fix them. With this software you can analyze keywords based on data from 10 search engines (Google, Amazon, YouTube, Baidu, etc.) using advanced metrics, displaying the frequency of keyword queries. It also allows you to track your website and competitor sites’ positions in search engine rankings. Ahrefs provides information on ranking in SERP, website visibility, and traffic.




  • Large database (1 billion content pages, 7 trillion keywords, 16 trillion links).
  • The keyword database is maintained in 171 countries and is constantly updated.
  • Comparison of link profiles of websites is possible.
  • Has a suite of free tools (link analyzer, search engine rankings, site authority, etc.),
  • The trial version is available for 7 days and costs $7.


Cost: $99 to $999 (monthly plans), $82 to $832 (annual plans) – depends on tariff.

  1. Key Collector


Program for compilation of semantic core of the website and its SEO promotion.


Key Collector collects keywords and data on them in Yandex and Google, provides a sample of the high, medium, and low-frequency phrases as well as allows you to analyze them by more than 70 parameters (traffic, competitiveness, cost of promotion, etc.). A specific region and search depth can be defined. It conducts an express analysis of the site for compliance with the semantic core, monitors the site’s position in search results, identifies its most relevant pages, and gives recommendations for link building.




  • Analyzes information from popular sources.
  • Export of results to Microsoft Excel or CSV.
  • Free updates and technical support.
  • The license is paid once and is valid for an indefinite period.


Cost: from $14 to $24 per license – depends on the number of licenses you purchase (the more – the cheaper).


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