What Makes for a Good Content Team?

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Building the very best content possible requires plenty of focus, dedication and skill. Every brand is different, but many of the same fundamentals apply whether you are creating blog posts or multimedia presentations. While not every brand has the luxury of enlisting the services of multiple content creators, those that do still need to balance multiple factors in order to produce stellar outcomes.

Whether the team is being assembled in-house or the labor is contracted out to multiple individuals, ensuring a robust balance of content skills is crucial. As such and in the spirit of improving your content team’s output, we’ll take a look at the main elements you’ll find on any successful content creation team.

Dedicated Editing

Above all else, content creation requires tons of work. Whether it be just a couple of employees or a massive team, mistakes are bound to happen. Likewise, creators may not always have the perfect solution in every situation. This is why having somebody who is dedicated to editing and reviewing all content before publication is crucial.

Whether it be for simple proofreading or improving syntax and grammar, a dedicated editor can make a huge difference in the final quality of the work. While larger teams may be able to hire a dedicated editor in-house, others may choose instead to outsource the work to a contractor. When done properly, either solution is fine and will produce better long-term copy and content outcomes.

Unity in Messaging and Branding

Every team member should have a concrete idea of what messages the brand is seeking to exude and how exactly pinging your website, mailing lists and social media with content should be structured. Conflicting branding and messaging ultimately produces unequal outcomes in content, which makes it more difficult to generate consistent performance and hit stated goals.

By planning a comprehensive content strategy with guidelines for all team members to absorb, you can maintain a consistent level of branding and messaging with regard to tone, format, audience targeting and more.


While there are undoubtedly many gifted writers and content creators in general who don’t have ample experience yet, a good rule of thumb is to enlist the services of those with ample history in their respective fields. Some brands try to pawn off their content strategies onto existing employees who have minimal experience with content creation and marketing: this rarely ever works out well.

The content pinging your website and broader internet presence should be well-crafted, researched and formatted. Enlisting the services of team members who have backgrounds in their respective fields will ensure your content is up to par with that of your competitors and generates results.  This might mean having to outsource some of your content tasks, and a freelance management system will be ideal to help keep track of all team members.

Consistent Communication

Last but not least, regular communication between team members is vital for optimal content quality. Even if your team members are working on different forms of content, remember the importance of unity in branding and messaging. Team members should be discussing their roles and projects regularly with one another in order to ensure everybody’s efforts are on the same page.

This doesn’t mean that every specific team member needs a detailed, line-item description of each project everybody is working on (as this can be bad for morale and a general time-waster), but team members who communicate regularly help keep each other grounded in the mission and focused on what matters.

Remember that quality content isn’t magic: it takes dedication and focus from a team of productive workers. Good communication, experience, dedicated editing and a unified approach in messaging all play pivotal roles in how well your content will ultimately be received by the world!

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