Three Simple Ways to Generate Publicity for Your Brand Today

Small businesses and brands can find themselves in a tough position when it comes to marketing. On one hand, they need attention in order to be successful; on the other, you need a certain level of success in order to generate attention. Because of this, brands have to find a number of increasingly creative ways to generate free publicity and attention. With time and money both being factors, it’s important to find ways to minimize how much of each of these you expend. Today, we’ll discuss three straightforward and simple ways that you can generate publicity for your brand or business beginning now.

Always Be Posting

In order to ensure that you’re pinging links on social media, in search and via email marketing as much as possible, you need to be creating content consistently. Whether that be new videos, live feeds, blog posts or mere status updates, posting regularly can help generate more aggregate publicity than just about anything else. Even when you might not have any fresh ideas, it’s vital that you dig deep and find something to cover. There are many different ways to do this. From eyeing what your audience is talking about on Reddit to asking for ideas on social media, you can always find a new angle or topic to cover in order to meet your content quota. By engaging in this style consistently, you’ll always be creating opportunities for viral content, organic interactions and other metrics that lead to more publicity.

Give a Helping Hand

One great way to generate positive publicity for your brand is to assist others in times of need. Depending on your brand and its focus, this can be in real life, on the internet, or both. From posting helpful answers on question-and-answer platforms to assisting a local charity, this broader strategy often leaves footprints for others to see and hear about – which generate good publicity. Whether the local newspaper mentions your assistance or a dozen people who had never heard of your brand see your online assistance, all publicity is good publicity. The more you engage with others, the more you generate direct and/or indirect attention for your brand.

Encourage Your Audience to Help

There are numerous ways to generate publicity, but one of the quickest is to motivate your existing audience to do so. One of the easiest ways to do this is to share content constantly on social media. If you are tapping into what your audience finds interesting, amusing or otherwise intriguing, then they’ll be more likely to share that relevant content with their audiences. Each time this happens, your brand is being seen by more and more people. Whether this is content created by you specifically or merely relevant content that you shared, each impression adds up. Besides, there are numerous other reasons why pinging links to content on social media helps grow your reach.

By encouraging your audience to share your social media posts, providing a helping hand to those in need and constantly creating new content, you can generate plenty of potential  leads for more publicity. Let us know below what other tactics you’ve tried to generate more attention.

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