Why Influencer Marketing Must Be Pursued

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Brands and businesses who use the internet to generate attention and revenue understand how much marketing affects outcomes. Without a substantial presence and reach across multiple mediums, it is unlikely that many prospective customers and visitors will ever see what you’re offering. From social media marketing to email marketing, most realize that a diversified approach is essential to long-term stability and growth. One particular form of marketing – influencer marketing – transcends multiple mediums and should be used in a variety of situations. We’ll tell you below why it is such a must-have part of your marketing arsenal.

There’s Big Money to be Made

Perhaps the most convincing reason to use influencer marketing in your efforts is the amount of money that can be made. When influencers on social media or within your niche begin promoting a product or service in some format, there is often a massive spike in sales for the entity responsible for that product or service. Various studies have shown that influencer marketing can generate roughly ten times the amount of revenue per promotion when compared to traditional marketing. There’s a reason why influencer marketers pinging URLs to their followings often costs more than traditional forms of marketing: it works, and it works very, very well.

Long-Term Marketing Potential

In the case of paid advertising initiatives on search engines and social media, your ads only last for a given amount of time. As long as you’re willing to pay for them is how long they provide benefit. With influencer marketing, however, the effects continue long over your investment. What might seem like a one-time investment continues to deliver results for weeks and months. Influencers who tweet, share or otherwise comment about your brand will leave those footprints in their social media  for an extended period of time, which continues to garner attention for you from their fans. Traditional marketing can be thought of as the newer, digital billboards, whereas influencer marketing is more along the lines of standard billboard ads that may remain visible after the contract/until they’re replaced.

Valuable Method of Communication

Most marketing tactics are rather straightforward and obvious. This minimizes the impact that they have on prospective customers and subscribers. With influencer marketing, however, the notion of word of mouth applies. When someone with authority in a given area speaks highly of a product or service, the likelihood that others will find this commentary meaningful is much higher. Rather than relying on astroturfing strategies to promote your products and services in a nominal way, influencer marketing can help you generate more meaningful impressions on a targeted audience.

Whether the goal of marketing is to be pinging URLs at a target audience, generating great reviews and first impressions of a product, or something entirely different, influencer marketing is all about quality over quantity. The effects that an influencer within your niche can have on your brand is immense and should not be undervalued. Even if it is difficult or expensive to earn this form of marketing attention, it is absolutely worth the effort. What are some other marketing tactics that have worked well for you? Tell us below about your experience.

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