The Holidays Are Coming – Is Your Social Media Ready for It?

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Christmas LuminariesThe final three months of the year can be a very busy time for many businesses and brands. Whether you’re an online store or a charity, the holidays often result in added business or activity in ways that we only wish existed during the rest of the year. Some businesses manage to do a majority of their business for the entire year during this time, while others focus on attracting a big share of that holiday traffic to their pages and social media. With the holidays right around the corner, you’ll likely want to give your social media presence a holiday makeover. How can you do it? Below, we’ll discuss a few simple ways you can get in the spirit of the season before the competition.

Design Special Holiday Offers

You’ll undoubtedly be pinging your website with holiday offers and promotions: why wouldn’t you do the same for social media? Social media makes it possible for brands to not only promote new offerings and news, but to also highlight them. You’ll want to engage in two different ways on this front. First, be sure to promote your new holiday offers and announcements by pinning these announcements to the top of your social media profiles. This will be the first thing anyone who comes to your page sees, and will help gain the content more exposure. Additionally, you want to be ready with some form of PPC marketing. Whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook or another network, reaching the optimal number of people during the holidays requires a bit of out-of-pocket investment.

Customize Your Social Media Banners

Any business or brand that has a clue about marketing understands that your banners on both Facebook and Twitter can be great marketing elements. You can use them to promote a sale, announce an event or otherwise bring an audience’s attention to something meaningful. With the holidays fast approaching, you’ll want to add a bit of holiday cheer to these social media banners. Not only will it help get people in the mood, but these banners can often be designed with elements that promote various brand offerings. Whether you’re having an early pre-holiday sale, announcing a new contest or merely want to avoid looking like a holiday grouch, be sure to update your banners before the holidays arrive.

Provide Holiday Tips

The holidays can be a very stressful time for many people. From shopping for gifts to dealing with family members, there are a lot of unique pressures being placed on people. How can you engage more people and remain relevant to the holiday spirit? By creating content that helps guide people through the process. Whether you want to provide tips on how to deal with a belligerent uncle or a cheat-sheet on how to get the best deals on various gifts, people really appreciate all the assistance they can find during the holidays. As such, you can use this as one way to improve engagement on social media, whether that be through organic posts or promoted posts. It can also give you another great way to be pinging your website to your audience, assuming the content is published there.

The holidays are a busy time for brands and can stress us all out. What is your least favourite thing about the holidays? Tell us below in the comments what you’re dreading.

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