Transform Your Tutorial Videos Into Selling Machines

Every element on your website should serve some purpose. Whether it provides a functional or aesthetic charm, the goal is to ensure that every visitor can adequately find what they need. Websites that provide products and services to consumers especially have to be considerate of this dynamic, as even small oversights in marketing and user experience can create drastically inferior results. Multimedia – videos in particular – can be powerful assistants in the fight to sell, convert or persuade those who watch them. Today, we’ll explain how simple tutorial and how-to videos can be a powerful ally in your marketing efforts.

Prepare in Advance

Before you begin pinging users with videos that hastily explain how to do this or how to find that, sit down and consider what other elements can be incorporated into the video for promotion. All too often, we view tutorials and how-to videos to be simple and straightforward. Everything – from the voice you use to the ordering of your instructions – can and will shape how those who view them perceive your brand and the subject at-large. Once you have gathered your thoughts, created a preliminary script and thought  of the little plugs you want to fit into it all,  be sure to do a series of initial recordings. Listen to each, determine where you can improve your mood, tone or speech. Insist on perfection in this step: it will dramatically improve the quality of your video, which boosts authority…and that is where effective persuasion is generated.

Provide Valuable Insight

If you are offering a broader service or product, then it stands to reason that you want people to see you as an authoritative source in that niche. When providing users and visitors with tutorial videos, you want to provide added value. For instance, offering someone a tutorial on how to use Google AdWords is an excellent offering, but offering them a tutorial on how to more broadly make their PPC campaigns effective in the same video generates value and authority at the same time. It then becomes easy to lead these visitors into seeking your services for improving their marketing outcomes.

Offer Solutions Within

If doing this or finding that were so easily, then there’d be no need for how-to or tutorial videos in the first place. This is a prime opportunity to capitalize upon the struggles of others. As you’re building your tutorial video, you’ll discover that there are many different concerns or challenges for viewers throughout the process. Why not build services or products designed to help people overcome these struggling portions of the process? When you start pinging users with solutions to the biggest problems they’re facing in the tutorial, you can generate a plethora of new sales and build your brand’s reputation at the same time.

By investing ample time and preparation into the process, providing valuable insight to those in need of assistance and offering actual, pragmatic solutions throughout the process, you’ll be able to build  a loyal following through your tutorial videos. You’ll also begin generating tons of new sales, conversions and customers along the way.  Tell us below about some strategies you’ve used in the past to grow your business’ reach and sales.

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