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Reaching new audiences in the hotly-contested world of online marketing remains one of the most important tasks any brand can pursue. With a plethora of brands all competing for a finite number of people, brands that go above and beyond in marketing their products and services are likely to enjoy the biggest benefits. Through social media, brands can promote both through organic and paid marketing efforts. With respect to Facebook Ads specifically, many businesses have found several ways to make their ad campaigns more effective: let’s talk about a few of these tips today and give you some ideas for improving your campaigns.

Always Incorporate Videos

A surprising number of brands avoid using any videos in their advertising campaigns, primarily because they do not believe they have the money or time to create custom videos. What you may be surprised to find out, however, is that virtually any type of video used in an ad campaign will improve its performance. Whether you have old footage involving your brand that can be incorporated or even just a stock video, pinging links alongside videos will help grab people’s attention when they see your ads in their feeds. The primary function of a video is to captivate a person momentarily – from there, your ad copy and/or links shared can do the rest of the talking.

Choose Bright Colors

When competing for attention in news feeds, you want to be sure that your ads stick out as much as possible. Since colors are often the first pattern we recognize in any image or content, you want to hack the brains of viewers by using colors that captivate them instantly. This means that colors such as yellow, red and green can be great choices for any image, text background or video. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid softer and more muted colors such as blue and purple, which do not generate a sense of psychological excitement or urgency. An artful combination of contrast and sensibility can make a huge difference in the percentage of people who interact with your Facebook ads.

Vary Up Your Ads

It is important that you have multiple profiles or targets for your audience. For instance, younger audiences may resonate more with one particular type of ad than senior citizens. From the crafting of ad copy to the photos you use in each ad, consider carefully how you can maximize appeal to various groups by creating separate ads. In addition to this, make sure that you are properly targeting people based on other factors like device. Not everybody will be using a mobile or desktop PC: do you know which segments of your audience prefer which? By making sure that the display format and content of each ad is optimized for sub-segments of your audience, your Facebook ads will naturally do better.

Every ad campaign presents an opportunity for trial and error. You’ll be able to learn more about your audience, what they like/dislike, and which strategies work best for each. By pinging links to ads based on specific individuals, using videos as often as possible and choosing bright colors to catch the eyes of Facebook users, you’ll immediately begin creating better-performing Facebook ads.


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