How Your Business Can Wow Social Media Fans with Visuals

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Creative MediaAny business understands the importance of its brand, imagery and appeal that is generated by its presence. Whether you offer a tangible product that must meet the demands of what consumers require or a service that has to rival the competition, most businesses already deal with these concepts on a daily basis. In the past, competition in terms of marketing and visuals was not as stiff, but technology has made it possible for just about anyone to create excellent brand imagery. In terms of social media, you can connect with loyal fans and broadcast updates to them in a more passive and enjoyable format. If you really want your business’ web presence to pop, then you must use a variety of visual social media tactics to get the job done. Below, we will outline some of the best ways to do this.

Put Your Products on Display

If you have a tangible item for sale, then you will want to showcase that item or items to the world. What better way to do this than via social media? It has been proven time and time again that by pinging links of photos and videos to your readers, you will receive greater engagement with said posts when compared to traditional text and links to articles. The best way to approach this is to have photos and videos of your products in action. If you are marketing a new line of shoes, for instance, then show yourself in action at the gym or during an evening on the town. People love to interact with multimedia, and genuine “real-life” shots of various products tend to perform even better in terms of viral reach.

Introduce Your Workers

Another great way to build bonds of trust and expand your multimedia repertoire is to show your audience pictures of your staff in action. This may seem a bit strange to some and there are bound to be individuals who do not want their faces online, but the reality is that – particularly in service industries – this approach can be highly effective. When personal elements of your brand are put on display, it helps illustrate a clearer picture of your organization. Social media readers will feel no real loyalty when they read about John and Karen’s daily routines. When they see their routines on display, however, it has a much different effect.

Offer Assistance via Each Post

Whether your image is showcasing a product, introducing your workers or designed to appeal to readers and customers in a totally different fashion, there should be some form of information or assistance in each post. Many companies like to use infographics on social media as a way to encourage sharing and ultimately obtain more followers. While there are many types of infographics that can be made, the use of them should be tied in one way or another to your product or industry. This way, you are pinging links via social media in a responsible fashion and will continue to only attract those who are truly interested in your business and brand.

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