Maximize Your Social Media Launch With These Tips

Social Media LaunchWhen it comes to deploying a social media presence on a new platform, you only get one chance to get it right. While you can always make changes to your strategy and otherwise adjust for unknown variables, having a game plan from the get-go that maximizes your likelihood to be successful is essential. With a good chunk of the web now turning to social media for information on products and services, your brand will want to ensure that it is doing all it can to promote a positive image from day one. We’ll describe some strategies that you can plan for and utilize in order to ensure your social media launch goes as intended.

Learn About the Networks

Before you make any commitment one way or another, it is important that you first know what each social media network is best used for. There is no doubt that Facebook is the largest network, and can be used effectively to build friendships while meeting new faces. Twitter is a great place to send out short pieces of information to followers and influence conversations across the web. Google Plus is a great place for businesses to connect with consumers and audiences through video chats and hangouts. If you’re wanting to share multimedia on a frequent basis, then Instagram has proven to be the best platform. By understanding what your business plans to do with social media beforehand, you can be sure that you’re pinging networks with the right types of content from day one.

Listen to the Audiences

Once you have launched your social media efforts, it shouldn’t take long before your audiences have something to say. You may or may not agree with their sentiments, but understand that behind every comment is a bit of truth. These people have no bias or vested interest in your brand beyond what you provide them, so criticism and compliments alike should be taken with equal consideration. In addition to monitoring what is said on your own profiles, keep an eye out for conversations about your brand on other pages. This will give you additional insight into what you’re doing right and wrong and will also provide some clues as to where you might be able to find new audiences to reach out to later.

Always Join Conversations

There is something to be gained from each and every interaction on social media, so long as you keep your cool. When people have questions, jump in and provide a response via your social media account. You’ll find opportunities to do this even when the conversation is not on your profile or page. If someone is criticizing you, then a level-headed entry into the conversation can help prevent additional negative sentiment from spreading (but always do your homework about how the audience in question is likely to respond; some are genuinely interested, while others will just troll). While you’re pinging networks with answers to questions and attempts to resolve complaints, you’ll also be boosting your own visibility at the same time.

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