Improve Your SEO with These Simple Tips

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Maximizing your brand’s value is a universal goal that all people with digital presences share. One of the most common aspects of improving brand reach and visibility, search engine optimization gives brands access to new markets, customers and audiences. With thousands of different tactics and recommendations floating around the web, knowing where to begin can be difficult.

If you’ve already been working on a SEO strategy, then chances are you’re moving in the right direction. However, some tactics and strategies get overlooked or ignored – which is unfortunate when they provide meaningful value. Today, we’ll look at a few tips that can provide true value that you might not be using already.

Use Related Search Info

Keywords are at the core of any brand’s SEO strategy. While the biggest brands in the game can create their own hashtags and keywords quite successfully, most people have to find which keywords are being sought after by shoppers and search engine users. Thankfully, everybody has the ability to expand their keyword game.

Through Google and other search engines, you can easily glean data on related search terms. For example, a generic keyword search can yield dozens of different long-tail keyword variations that people are searching for – but that your competitors might not be targeting. By pinging servers with these newfound related search queries, you can expand your audience and drive more traffic.

Focus on Relevance

Driving traffic to your website is only good if you can convince those people to stay and look around. In fact, driving traffic to your website that results in large numbers leaving can be harmful to your SEO strategy. The reason? Bounce rates.

Search engines monitor what percentage of visitors to each of your pages appears to be uninterested in what you offer. This is used to determine rankings and overall relevance, among other things. Studies show that websites with low bounce rates tend to rank highest in SERPs. As such, make sure that your content is easily read, not misleading and helps visitors find what they want.

Get Detailed

While the internet certainly has a smorgasbord of content available, much of it is rather shallow in nature. For those looking for comprehensive explanations, guidance or information, this can be a pain. Many brands focus on quantity of content rather than quality; while both have merit to some degree, a balancing act is the best approach.

However, pinging servers with in-depth and detailed pieces relating to subjects relevant to your audience can pay huge dividends. Expert content is often given high rankings in relevant search results, making it easier for you to attract more traffic through your efforts. While more work is required to create in-depth content, the benefits are usually proportional. Such a focus on details can help elevate not just a single piece of content, but provide indicators that your brand is an authority on a topic (thereby improving rankings across all pages in time).

While there are plenty of tried and true SEO tactics available to brands, focusing on smaller yet powerful strategies can help maximize your efforts. Whether you are creating more detailed content or mining search engines for niches, we hope this information can provide your brand with an expanded arsenal in pursuing success.


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