How to Work Whilst You Fly

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Mobile WorkFlying can be an absolutely awful experience for those who appreciate their personal space along with peace and quiet. Cramped walkways, tiny armrests, screaming children and gabby neighbours can all make getting some rest while flying an absolute nightmare. It becomes even worse if you are trying to work while on a transcontinental flight so that you can finally rest once you arrive at the hotel. Being productive while in the air, however, is not as hard as many would think. Below, we’ll be outlining several ways in which you can get things done while dealing with the less than ideal circumstances of flight.

Accessible Carry-on Luggage

In order to work, you need quick access to all of your documents and devices. Prior to boarding, make sure that any needed laptops, reports and files are all either in your carry-on bag or on one of these devices. While pinging from iPhones and other smartphones to access remote data is possible, a larger device such as a laptop or tablet with on-site access is recommended. It’s best to keep one relatively small carry-on (like a briefcase) that can be kept up with easily and is compact: you don’t want to be holding a huge bag in your lap while trying to work. Accessibility is the biggest advantage you can have while working and flying, so pack lightly for the occasion while being thorough when it comes to what you have on-hand.

Stay Hydrated and Satisfied

Especially for longer flights, waiting for the snack-cart to come around or meals to be served will leave your mind wandering when you will be fed. Likewise, dehydration will lead to you feeling sluggish and mentally cloudy, so having a solution on-hand is needed for you to be at your best. Within your carry-on, be sure to bring at least 1L of water and a couple of snacks such as crackers to help hold you over in between flights.

Establish Boundaries

Someone who is just sitting in their seat is a ripe target for gabby neighbours. One of the best ways you can thwart this – in combination with having your work devices and documents out – is to pick up a set of noise-cancelling headphones. These devices will not only alert other passengers to the fact that you are occupied, but will help prevent any distractions from stealing your attention. Some even start pinging from iPhones or smartphones their personal music to have a bit of enjoyment while working. By creating a sound barrier between yourself and the rest of the cabin, you will find that flying whilst working is not such a terrible experience after all.

Flying without proper planning can make doing work from the plane nearly impossible. With just a few simple preparations, though, you can be flying in style while not having to worry about your on-going surroundings. By having your needed materials in one easily accessible location, bringing an adequate amount of snacks and hydration while also isolating your senses from the hectic bustle of the cabin, you will find that completing virtually any business task is possible from the sky.

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