How to Use Community Q&A Hubs to Boost App Downloads

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If you’re like most app developers, the end-goal of every product is to generate plenty of downloads and installs. With so many apps on each of the marketplaces today, it can be difficult to compete with other, more established developers. Fortunately, the internet provides developers with all of the tools needed to boost exposure for their apps and ensure people are paying attention – if you know how to do it properly. Websites like Reddit, Yahoo Answers and Quora can be fertile ground for app developers in this regard: today, we’ll walk you through how you can get the most out of these community hubs when it comes to downloading apps.

Fluff Your Profile

When providing insight on Q&A platforms that allow for customization, it’s important to establish your credibility at the beginning. In the case of platforms like LinkedIn and Quora, you have the ability to flourish your profile by adding relevant information that establishes authority. Be sure to link back to your website, social media profiles and provide descriptions where possible of your expertise. This way, you’re not pinging noise at people who might otherwise think you’re just some random advertiser trying to pad their app downloads.

Peruse Relevant Discussions

On sites like Reddit and Quora, it’s very easy to find topics and  discussions that pertain to your app’s particular topic. By providing genuine insight and addressing what benefits/features can be expected from the app, you can both provide useful information and increase app downloads. On specific Q&A community sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers, it is much easier to answer peoples’ questions and gain credibility as a community expert. In the case of platforms like Reddit, however, the plugging of your app will have to be much more subtle in order to be successful. In either case, you will be building links back to your app, convincing readers and ultimately transforming those reads and clicks into downloads and installs.

Keep Tabs on Your Progress

In order to get the most value of your app promotion on community hubs, you need to always be tracking your progress. This will help you quickly determine which promotions and platforms are paying off and which ones are not. Through the use of UTM codes, you can track each specific link you post on each reply and platform. With a bit of spreadsheet work, you can keep track of who is coming from where and how many visits/downloads are being generated by each. In the initial stages, this can be a great component of broader A/B testing: you’ll figure out which audiences, platforms and approaches work best and can reform your pitch for the future.

Finding ways to promote your app in organic situations can be difficult. Too much promotion and it’s like pinging noise or static at people. However, through the use of organic advice, a bit of preparation and careful refinements, you can use multiple community-based platforms to dramatically increase exposure for your app and ensure its long-term success. If you’ve already built an app, leave us a comment below and tell us what it does!

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