How to Keep a Community Site Interesting

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When you have a vibrant, thriving community in the real world, there are generally social bonds that allow for communication, discussion and collaboration. In the wake of the internet and a plethora of new technologies, many communities are considering the impact that social networking and online communication can have on their day-to-day lives. Establishing a community website is relatively easy, but keeping it interesting and engaging for those members can be a daunting challenge. This article outlines the key points you must keep in mind if you want to establish and maintain an active community site.

Use Positivity

By keeping community members spirits’ upbeat and positive, you have a much better chance of encouraging involvement not only online, but in your physical community as well. This message should also apply to any advertisements or articles that are posted on the community site; if you are pinging Google with positive titled messages, then those in your community who stumble across them will automatically feel more positive about the community and the website. By outlining current projects, family events and community outreach programs, you can build an aura of greatness around your community site.

Keep It Updated

A community website is only valuable if it maintains the ability to be as in-tune with the community as the community itself. Any events that are upcoming should be prominently featured on the website, along with any additional time-sensitive information pertaining to the community. Most people are not going to bother frequenting a community website if the portal is out of date or lacks the relevant information they need to be informed and synced with the greater community. By giving people a reason to visit again and again, you are more likely to make them recurring visitors.

Provide A Glimpse of the Community

For those who may have just relocated to the area and do not know much about the community, having information that outlines the main components of your community is crucial. You will want to be pinging Google with pages about the history of the community, notable citizens and events, as well as any particular points of interest within the greater community. By providing details on these attributes, you can be sure that all visitors to the site will be able to determine – in a snapshot – what the community stands for, what it is like and in the process, hopefully attract new residents.

Use The Site To Engage Users

While it is important that you provide updates on all the latest community mentions and happenings, you can also use the community site to engage other users in activism, collaboration and progress. By starting your own community inspired idea, you can network with fellow members and attempt to affect change in your own way. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to have a community site: it allows citizens to work together without having to show up at a physical venue or take time away from their family in order to be briefed on new projects. Also, be sure to provide social networking options such as Facebook and Twitter so individuals can share the news with others.

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