How to Make Money with PostJoint – An Overview

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Make Money KeyWith so much going on in the world of online marketing, it comes as no surprise that the landscape is shifting as more and more companies are pursuing strategies involving online content. With elements such as social media, search engine optimization and digital marketing playing integral roles in any online venture, an array of new service outlets are popping up to accommodate these demands. One of these ventures is PostJoint, which allows companies, bloggers and freelancers to interact with one another for a variety of purposes. Below, we will discuss the basics of PostJoint and how it can help you earn extra revenue.

The Basics

PostJoint is an online service that gives writers and clients the ability to connect with one another without having to deal with costly firms and other intermediaries. Bloggers, for instance, can find plenty of high-quality content to purchase for their blogs or create original content that can then be sold via PostJoint. Select offers are listed by those seeking content, which can range in price from just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Depending on your skills and area of expertise, PostJoint can help you earn serious revenue and has something to offer just about anyone – buyers and sellers alike.

Listing Opportunities

Creating an ‘opportunity’ as it is called on PostJoint is the equivalent of creating a listing. You will be able to narrow down your listings to fit the categories best suited for your skills, pinging links only to relevant categories. Once completed, your opportunities will be listed and can be browsed by anyone seeking to monetize their blog with said content. Once someone finds your listing and wishes to publish the content, they will make a bid that can ultimately be accepted or rejected. In many cases, bloggers can earn money by publishing select pre-written posts – sounds like a win-win for most of us, right?

Making Offers

When you wish to publish select content for an advertiser, making an offer is the way PostJoint allows you to do so. Depending on your motives, you can either charge a fee or publish the article for free (great for newer blogs with smaller amounts of traffic). You also have the option of sending a tweet directly to the advertiser upon making an offer, ensuring they receive a notice and adding to their Twitter account’s discussion of the subject. Once an opportunity has received five offers, the advertiser will then determine who gets the right to publish the content.


Connecting advertisers, content creators and bloggers is the main objective of PostJoint. By offering a competitive environment in which bloggers can compete for content and business, advertisers can save money on getting the word out about their products and services through pinging links, while offering bloggers the ability to increase traffic, gain valuable content for their blogs and websites and even be paid in many circumstances. PostJoint may still be in beta testing, but this valuable tool will soon be a powerhouse for online marketing and content distribution.

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