Are You Branding Your Content Yet?

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Branding ContentWhile the art of branding digital content is nothing ground-breaking nor recent, it does seem to be gaining an increased amount of attention in recent years. As information becomes a larger and larger amount of our everyday existence, more and more companies and websites are turning to the concept of providing quality information – while also plugging their own endeavours in the process. With so many benefits for both you and the reader when it comes to branded content, there really is no reason not to jump on the bandwagon. Below, we’ll outline the main reasons why branded content will benefit your website or social media endeavour, as well as the customer.

Informing = Winning

When you only try to appease your readers with thinly-veined marketing submerged in a bit of information, you will often reap a lacklustre reward. Content that is detailed, accurate and informative, however, can be used as a way to gain attention for your brand. When customers feel like the information presented is valid and valuable, they will be far more likely to share that content with others. Take infographics, for instance: a well-done infographic with proper branding can be circulated hundreds of times via social media, pinging Yahoo and many other major search engines in the process.

Strengthens Business-to-Business Relations

Many brands and businesses need that extra exposure in order to break out into new markets – particularly those that serve only other businesses. With a business model revolving around that, it can be difficult to find time to incorporate new clients and customers. By developing branded content and distributing it among businesses and individuals alike, you will maximize your exposure to other businesses seeking new vendors and individuals who may be weary of trying your products due to a B2B-style web interface. With the vast majority of B2B content marketing being driven by social media and white papers, it makes sense that you should be branding every piece of content.

Caring Leads to Sharing

When content that is carefully-considered and optimized for quick digestion is made available to the public, the public does what it should: it shares the content with like-minded people. Many companies have intertwined details about a particular cause that may have no direct relation to their brand, but are able to spin a connection between the business itself and the niche category. By showing that your brand is about more than just its immediate subject, you can grab the attention of others who, while may be interested in your brand, would have never found it otherwise.


Intertwining excellent content with your brand is a recipe for success and can help you find both new customers and new readers alike when pinging Yahoo, Google and social media with it. Rather than attempting to casually mention your brand in a mundane article or refer someone to an affiliate’s site, shake things up and start creating unique content that can be distributed easily via social media – no strings attached. The best way to build up your brand is by featuring it in your quality content – and making sure its namesake is on display in the process.

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