How to Juggle Local SEO for Multiple Areas

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Juggling Balls As if the generalities of search engine optimization weren’t already difficult enough, many brands are finding themselves in the position where learning more about local SEO is essential for success. Local SEO utilizes many of the same tenets as traditional SEO, but helps brands target more relevant, smaller audiences in effective ways. Some brands need to target multiple audiences in different cities or states but do not want to waste time, money and effort creating separate websites for each location. If your brand has one website but multiple locations, continue reading to find out how you can get the most out of local SEO efforts in all relevant search results.

Use Different Landing Pages

Marketing for local SEO is absolutely crucial to long-term success. Whether you’re targeting people via search engines, email or social media, you must find ways in which to produce relevant content for each audience. Not only will your landing pages help create unique content that targets multiple locations at once, but you’ll also improve overall conversion rates when you can target individuals with content that specifically relates to them. This is a better idea than creating a separate domain or subdomain for each targeted area, and will also help save time and energy that can be focused on other endeavours.

Produce Unique Content to Accompany It

Many entities and brands that target multiple areas via local SEO try to get by with creating content for all of them at once. When you’re pinging search engines with content that is designed to reach multiple local SEO search results, it can actually become more difficult to rank in any of them. As such, you want to focus most of your time on creating content that is custom-tailored for each city, county or state that is being targeted. Because search engines value quality organic content above all else, this can very well be the hardest and most time-consuming part of local SEO. Nevertheless, focusing here will ensure your efforts have a long-term chance of success across all targeted areas.

Use Different Social Media Profiles

As you’re probably beginning to observe, local SEO across multiple areas sometimes combines efforts and sometimes splits them. In the case of social media, it is a good idea to split them. While the individual posts on each page can be similar (and even scheduled to post at frequent and regular times), you’ll be able to couple this with your unique content and ensure your social media efforts are highly-refined to resonate with specific audiences. While you’ll want to have specific social media pages for each targeted area, it is also a good idea to have one main page that represents the brand across all locations. This can be used to connect users and fans with their locally-relevant pages, websites and services.

Local SEO requires pinging search engines with fresh and unique content, maintaining an active social media presence and incorporating many of the tried and true digital marketing techniques. With these efforts used as described above, it becomes a lot easier to manage local SEO across multiple platforms and locations.

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    What if we have single page website in that case can we optimize for local business to different locations.


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