Three Very Quick Ways to Boost Your Web Revenue

Boost RevenueIt can sometimes take weeks, months or even years before web-based brands begin to generate any substantial amount of revenue. Before anything else can happen, a website must be constructed. From here, content must be created and that content must be optimized in order to ensure that search engines such as Google can find it effectively. Once customers finally do begin finding your website, they may still not like what they see – back to the drawing board once again. For websites that have generally made it through all of these obstacles, there is still a goal to expand and to prosper. Below, we’ll discuss three very quick ways to help boost your existing web revenue without reinventing the wheel.

Suggest Similar Products

One of the best ways to increase sales is to target the audiences that are already buying! When customers arrive on a product page, what do they see? They should be able to read and assess ample product information, photos, benefits and any other relevant details, but they should also be seeing a series of relevant products associated with what they plan to buy. All of the biggest retailers do this – Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more – and they do it because it is effective. Pinging for SEO will bring you more traffic, but pinging customers with other, suggested products near checkout time – especially when it is relevant to what the customer is already wishing to purchase – will bring you more dollars!

Upgrade Existing Orders

As we’ve already covered, your reliable and/or likely customers are the best place to first begin expanding your online revenue. Since they have demonstrated a propensity to purchase products and services from you, it only makes sense to attempt to maximize that effort. Many companies attempt what is known in the brick and mortar world as “upselling”. Upselling can come in a variety of formats. For some brands, this will mean throwing in a variety of similar or associated items as a bundle. In other cases, this can mean obtaining an identical product or service in addition to the one being purchased for a lower price. We’ve all seen “buy two, get one free” deals or “buy one, get one 50% off” campaigns in stores – if you can afford it and it still generates revenue, then give it a shot!

Reward Loyalty

The easiest way to boost revenue – again – is to focus on your base. You certainly have an idea of who comprises your most loyal customers, as you should have their email addresses, purchase histories and other relevant information. These individuals deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty when possible, and the benefits are substantial to you! By providing discounts, coupons or other forms of credit toward purchases, you will not only be boosting overall revenue when the approach is calibrated properly, but they will also help you in pinging for SEO as they talk about the great deals. This reinforces a narrative and dynamic of customer loyalty: “where I buy from looks after me”. Word of mouth is more important than ever in the world of social media and online reviews. There is no reason not to build bridges at the same time that you’re making money!

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