How Reporter Tactics Can Help You Build Better SEO Content

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Search engine optimization requires a plethora of tactics in order to produce optimal results. From on-page tweaks to technical considerations, it is difficult for any one person to master all that SEO has to offer in a short time. Nevertheless, one of the most important criteria of SEO – content – remains undervalued in the eyes of many. To truly make it possible to achieve optimal SEO outcomes, building the best content possible is required.

As it turns out, reporters and journalists have much to offer the world of SEO. Given many of these individuals write for organizations and agencies that have to rank well for late-breaking stories and topics, learning from them is essential. Here are a few examples of how reporter tactics can enhance your SEO content potential.

Open With What People Want

Most people in a highly-digital age cannot afford to spend large amounts of time trying to uncover the main point of a piece of content – whether it be a video, blog post or news article. Likewise, search engines have adapted to take into account the needs and desires of their users. For this reason, embracing what is often referred to as the inverted pyramid style of writing is paramount for optimal SEO success.

By opening with the most important and crucial details – followed by coverage of increasingly less important information – users will find your content more appealing. This will subsequently reinforce a positive impression among search engines that see people clicking on and engaging with your content.

Lure People In With the Headline

Reporters and journalists have to not only create content from scratch that is relevant to their audience’s interest, but they also must attract attention before audiences even read it. This is where the use of captivating headlines can be very beneficial for brands seeking to improve SEO outcomes.

Not only will pinging search engines with captivating headlines provide audiences with greater incentive to click on your links, but it also offers a chance to better infuse prime keywords into the headlines. While keyword stuffing is never a good idea, optimal use of relevant keywords in headlines can help bolster long-term SEO performance.

Embrace the Plainspoken

Not everybody is looking to read a complicated thesis or dissertation after performing a simple search. Most people prefer content that is down to earth in terms of words and language used: is your content being optimized for this reality?

While there are some situations where pinging search engines with more refined content is required, many journalists know that keeping content simple is best for both readers and search engine saturation. Again, it is imperative to remember that search engines ultimately assess content based on how well (or poorly) users perceive it. Since most niches feature audiences seeking straightforward content, using simple language is the best course of action.

Professional writers have spent years of personal time cultivating their writing skills to appeal to select audiences. For those targeting search engines in order to boost visibility, the basics behind it aren’t much different. By optimizing the simplicity of content for readers, using captivating headlines and not burying vital information deeply within the content, your content will generate better long-term SEO outcomes.

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