How Email Marketing Can Enhance Your SEO

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In the age of digital marketing, there are seemingly countless ways to reach new audiences and make good impressions. With a variety of tactics that range in both scope and price, picking the right  strategies for your next ad campaign can feel challenging. Some cost lots of money but require little expertise, while others can be quite affordable but require technical know-how.

Ultimately, finding solutions that balance both cost and difficulty can prove very beneficial for brands of all sizes. For many, the best example of this is email marketing: often free or low-cost, this form of marketing allows brands to reach individuals who have already demonstrated interest in what you have to offer.

Let’s look at how email marketing can not only improve outcomes, but also boost your SEO.

Same End Result, Different Method

It’s important to remember that the primary goal of search engine optimization is to drive traffic to your website. As such, finding ways to achieve this result – even if it’s not through SEO directly – help achieve the same overall outcome. With email marketing, you have at your disposal a list of people who have already demonstrated interest in your brand. By pinging users on your subscription list with custom-tailored messages that feature relevant posts and content, you can drive that traffi to your website all the same. However, there are other benefits to email marketing that directly impact SEO as well.

Boost On-Site Engagement

Search engines look at a variety of factors when determining the quality and relevance of your website. On-site optimizations are important, and improving on-page engagement is crucial in sending the right signals to search engines. With email marketing campaigns, you’ll generate traffic that is on average more beneficial in terms of on-site engagement; since these individuals have already subscribed or interacted with your brand, when they click on links via email, they’re more likely to stay on each page longer and browse your website more thoroughly.

Discover Visitor Preferences

One great aspect of email marketing as it pertains to improving SEO is learning more about your target audience. By pitching a variety of different email campaigns to your audience, you can evaluate which types of content and copy they prefer. With this information in hand, you can then begin to more effectively target relevant SERPs and topics to ensure your content is resonating with your target audiences.

Boost Sharing

Last but not least, cultivating a bigger and better SEO strategy definitely involves getting your brand in front of more people. One great benefit offered by email marketing is the effect that it has on sharing – both via email and social media. With each email marketing campaign deployed, you can dramatically increase the number of shares by ensuring that each email – along with any links or pages plugged within them – provide sharing options to the recipients.

Ultimately, SEO entails many things, but pinging users with email campaigns can help drive traffic and boost a variety of SEO indicators. With this information in hand, you’re now ready to begin tailoring your future email campaigns to ensure they provide the maximum SEO benefit possible.

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