Great Strategies for Promoting Events Online

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Every brand has reasons to be concerned with event management and promotion. While many think that event planning and promotion is primarily for brands with both a physical presence and a physical event, even online-only brands can benefit from better tactics. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming sale or a charitable endeavor, getting the word out is crucial in terms of success.

Whether your event is occurring online or in the physical realm, online event promotion can help amplify the word and increase the number of people who attend or participate. Below, we’ll discuss some great strategies that’ll help you better promote events online and generate the desired outcome.

Build Event-Related Content

One of the most overlooked options for improving the visibility of any upcoming event is to create content that highlights its offerings. Ultimately, there’s only so much hype that can be created with a simple event invite; with content that focuses on the event, however, you can play on any number of related subjects. Think not only about the event itself, but what kinds of activities will be there. With that in mind, you can create some really awesome custom content that further promotes awareness of the event.

Even with online-only events such as holiday sales, you have the ability to tie in general themes and topics with the event itself. By pinging websites and users with this custom content, you’ll likely get a better reception – and get the word out even more so about the event.

Utilize Email Marketing

One of the most affordable yet effective forms of marketing – email marketing – is another great way to get the word out about upcoming events. Smart brands begin building their email lists from day one, adding customers and subscribers alike to their repertoires. With this information in hand, you have a custom-tailored list of people who have already demonstrated interest in your brand and its offerings.

Given that email marketing costs nothing in many cases, designing one or more professional email marketing campaigns to promote an event simply makes sense. Through this method, you can contact large numbers of targeted people in no time at all and with very little effort.

Leverage Social Media

Regardless of your brand’s pre-existing presence on social media, you absolutely cannot afford to neglect this venue when promoting upcoming events. While creating content designed for pinging websites and reaching out to your mailing list are great ideas, only social media gives you the ability to control how large of an audience you reach.

Of course, organic marketing on social media through any existing fan bases should be conducted – but you can reach so many more. Via paid marketing campaigns on sites such as Facebook, you can reach thousands or even millions of people based on their interests, geography and other criteria. This allows you to target exactly who you want and as many as you want, only limited by your ad budget. As always, a combination of organic and paid social media promotion is usually the best approach.

Event promotion in the digital realm takes a lot of work, but using a variety of mediums, you can effectively reach enough people to make it a success. By creating custom content to be shared and leveraging both social media and email list audiences, you’ll see a dramatic increase in the number of people attending or participating in your event.

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