Why You Should Optimise Your Content for “Near Me” Keywords

People who want to find a business or service near them will often use a keyword followed by the words “near me”. These searches have become quite common as the number of mobile users has increased. These search results have also been enhanced by the fact that a lot of people now leave their location services turned on, making it possible for search engines to show them results close to their geographical location. Businesses that want to be found after a user does a “near me” search should optimize their content for these types of keywords. This article will explore additional reasons for doing so.

Beat Your Competitors

The business landscape has become very competitive, and all businesses can use every single customer they can get. To beat your competition, you need to ensure people are choosing your business over theirs and the best way of doing so is by ensuring they find you first when they perform a search online.

Businesses and websites that are listed first will often get most of the traffic, and this can be possible for you if you optimise your content for “near me” keywords. Combine this with a listing on Google Business and you appear on their map prominently if someone is searching close to your location.

Capture Customers at The Right Moment

Most people do a “near me” search when they are ready to buy because they need something in that instance. By optimising for these keywords, you can increase the likelihood of capturing customers when they are ready to purchase.

If your business comes up as the first one, people will rightly think it is the best one and will likely buy from you. By capturing customers when they are ready to purchase, you will increase your revenues. You can then combine this with other customer service and marketing strategies to turn these customers into loyal repeat customers.

It Will Help You Grow Online

Growing your business online has become as important as growing it offline because the internet makes it easy and possible for people to find you. It is important to remember that people are not only searching for business, products and services on search engines – they also use social media for the same purpose. This is especially true for Facebook.

When your information is shown for a search, users can be directed to your website where they can find your social media information. If they like your business, they can follow you and this will increase your social media reach.

It Helps Reduce Your Marketing Budget

Many businesses use paid ads to supplement their SEO efforts. But, would you pay for an ad placement if you are already the number one search result? By optimising for “near me” keywords, you will not have to pay for ads as people will find you easily after doing a search.

As the number of mobile users increases and search engines get better at pinpointing our locations when on a computer, “near me” keywords will become a huge differentiator for businesses that start using them as early as possible.

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