Getting a Better Career – Could Blogging be the Answer?

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BloggingStuck in a rut? Join the club. So many people are fed up in their jobs and want out. But in this market can people really afford to be choosy about the way they make their money? Well, yes and no. Granted, it is a difficult time to be job hunting, but there are things we can do to set ourselves apart and give ourselves a better chance of making a successful leap from the dead-end job into something more exciting, more productive and most importantly, more lucrative.

Get blogging!

If you’re fortunate enough to already be in your chosen field, you’re halfway there. Creating a blog in your field will immediately set you apart from others who are applying for the same positions as you. We’re not talking about blogging as a form of income here, rather as a new, interesting way to present yourself: almost like a resume. Traditional resumes tend to focus rather on what you’ve achieved in the past, whereas your blog can be a vibrant, up-to-date testament to what you are capable of now.

How to use a blog to your advantage

If you’re at an entry-level position and want to prove that you’ve got what it takes to swim with the big fish, a blog is an excellent way to present your ideas. Exploring your field and approaching it from various angles will ensure you end up as a complete expert, perhaps without even trying! Running  a blog in your chosen field shows willing, it shows commitment and it shows an entrepreneurial spirit: all things that employers value.

Having a blog is a great way to prove yourself and earn your stripes without having to spend a huge amount of time scrabbling around on the lower rungs. With a bit of luck (and some real commitment), someone will spot you and want you on their team, even if you don’t necessarily possess the experience they would usually require.

Pull yourself out of unemployment

If you’ve been struggling to find work, it can be extremely demoralising and take its toll on your overall happiness. Starting up a blog related to your career is a fantastic way to spend your time. It will save you from all-consuming boredom and keep your mind stimulated. Sooner than you expected, new prospects could present themselves and you’ll be back in employment in no time.

Building your network

Perhaps most crucially, a well-written, well-informed blog will elevate you in the eyes of your peers. Combining your blog with some well-aimed social networking could have you fraternising with those at the top of their profession in no time. These people have serious clout and could help you make the next step in your career.

So get started on your blog today. Even if you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s worth investing some time in making your blog really shine. It could end up being your meal ticket and in the meantime, it’s a wonderful experience from which you can gain such a lot.


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