Elements to Consider When Beginning a New SEO Enterprise

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CMSThe world of search engine optimization has become a gold mine for those who know how to successfully saddle it and create multiple websites for monetary gain. Unfortunately, the internet as a whole has become more crowded in recent years and most niches now have lots of competition with which any budding webmaster will have to contend. This is not necessarily a death knell for your projects, but it has certainly made it more difficult for new and smaller webmasters to break into the game. Before you begin a new SEO project or if this is your first foray into the world of search engine optimization, you will want to read the advice offered here that will help you proceed with maximum efficiency.

Concepts to Consider

Before you make any moves into the world of search engine optimization, create a website or begin pinging links to search engines, you will first want to devise a game plan and find the elements that are necessary to monitor performance and improve visibility. Some of these elements are easy to address, while others will be difficult. Technical SEO, which is the small-scale assessments of elements such as backlinks, meta tags and page loading speeds, is one element that must be considered. Competitive research of industry and niches is another crucial part, which will help you determine which niches are the most beneficial for your strategy. Finally, you will want to shop around for the best analytics program that can give you the needed amount of metric monitoring.

Content Management Systems

Once you have settled upon one or more website ideas, it then becomes a primary concern to find the best content management system for your needs. Many people these days default to WordPress as the end-all, be-all solution. While WordPress certainly offers an array of features, plug-ins and customization options that is seemingly unparalleled by other CMSs, your particular website’s purpose may be better served through a system such as Drupal or Joomla. Some considerations that you will want to make in this process include the versatility of an online store system, checkout options and social media integration.

Product Promotion

Once you have selected your niche and your content management system, the game then becomes one of pinging links for each product and service that you plan to offer. Without proper product promotion on your websites, your efforts will fall flat. The goal with niche marketing and other forms of SEO product promotion revolve around the concept of suggestive sales rather than overt sales. While you may have products that can be offered directly to the consumer, it is usually a better idea to sell existing products through an affiliate network. Whether you choose to go the affiliate route or with direct sales, the references to and placement of each product on your website should be subtle, helpful and not overly suggestive.


If you want to break into the world of SEO and operate multiple revenue-generating websites, then there are a few simple points to consider. You will first want to do the technical research necessary in order to succeed, select the best content management system for your needs and utilize product promotion in a sophisticated fashion.

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