Four Excellent Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

Plugins LaptopWhat started out as a simple blog platform for users more than a decade ago, WordPress has exploded into a power-house content management system that powers more than one-quarter of the world’s websites. The useful power contained in this CMS makes it an ideal choice for businesses, blogs and brands across all industries, as many once-complicated tasks can now be completed and implemented in no time at all. The use of the shortcode – a function that implements a particular item or element onto a page with a simple code command – has been one of a series of revolutions in the WordPress system that admins now rely on for easy site creation and management. Below, we’ll outline four excellent shortcode plugins for WordPress that you should consider for your website and blog needs.


Available for free, Shortcoder gives admins the ability to create a variety of customized shortcodes and HTML commands that can be stored and used when necessary. Whether you have commands that help with pinging search engines more effectively or commands that insert multimedia galleries and carousels, the Shortcoder plugin can provide plenty of benefit. You’ll be able to use any name imaginable for a shortcode, explore your results via the visual editor that is included, and globally disable shortcodes whenever they are not needed.


Billed as the ultimate WordPress shortcodes plugin, Vision is available via license for just $25. Included automatically in Vision are more than 100 unique shortcodes. This plugin can be installed in just a couple of minutes and used generate a variety of custom shortcodes in addition. Built by professionals, the Vision plugin is guaranteed to work with all WordPress themes. Its point and click interface also makes it quite simple to interact with any page or element when adding any necessary shortcode whatsoever.

Shortcodes Pro

Designed originally to help WordPress admins with the creation of shortcodes within the WordPress infrastructure itself, the Shortcodes Pro app can be downloaded today for free. You’ll be able to create custom shortcodes, add unique buttons to any element of the website, import and export various shortcodes, process shortcodes with both HTML & PHP, and accept shortcode variables at the drop of a hat. With thousands of people currently using Shortcodes Pro, it is well-documented and features consistent updates that maintain site security.

Supreme Shortcodes

The final entry on our list of four plugins, the Supreme Shortcodes plugin for WordPress is currently available for just $21. This comprehensive plugin provides users with the ability to add a variety of media shortcodes, contact forms and Captcha solutions, maps, charts, trends and more. Virtually any element imaginable can be implemented via the use of one shortcode or another in this plugin. Whether you want to add swipers, sliders, parallax sections, sharing buttons or other animated elements, Supreme Shortcodes provides a solution that will ensure you’re pinging search engines with the proper look and feel on every page! Built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, you can be sure that the responsive design of this plugin will work across all devices.

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