How to Utilize Facebook Hashtags for Maximum Exposure

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HashtagUnleashed just a couple of months ago, Facebook’s new hashtag function now makes it possible for users to connect their status updates and page posts directly to trending topics, similar to the way Twitter has ran its platform for years. As a result, many page administrators are now wondering what the best way to use hashtags on the social media network in order to gain an optimal amount of exposure is. There are many different ways that hashtags can be incorporated into various Facebook posts, but do they all provide equal benefit? Below, we will outline a few tips that can help you utilize hashtags on Facebook in order to reach new target audiences and grow your presence.

Careful Selection of Words

Not all words are suitable for hashtag use, but a variety of different topics can be covered in any one status update. Most social media marketing functions as a web, connecting individuals who may have various interests together due to a common cause, event or interest. When pinging your blog or website’s content to social media, you may find that a brief description will provide multiple opportunities for keywords. While you want to ensure that each hashtag selection is a valid topic, there will most likely be several nouns or titles that can be used as hashtags to help you branch out into new audiences.

Understanding the Competition

Many page administrators initially considered the act of competition among select hashtags on Facebook to be a futile effort. For starters, there are more than one billion users currently engaged on Facebook; this alone can make it very difficult to find a particular audience and augment your presence enough to be seen. What some failed to consider was the role that privacy settings have on hashtags. With many users now privately publishing their status updates to just friends, it is mainly Facebook pages that are being featured in each hashtag category. With a reduction of competition, this means that you have a much better opportunity to break into new audiences – do not be discouraged!

Aim for New Fans

While hashtags can be a great way to involve existing followers with the new concept and can help them share your message, the main goal of any hashtag campaign should be to attract new followers. This can be done through simple hashtag inclusion on a variety of subjects – while many people may see your status updates and page posts without any interest being generated, the complexity of the hashtag system will ensure that there are opportunities to reach like-minded individuals within key audiences that may have nothing directly to do with your page or cause.


When pinging your blog or website’s content to social media – or when you are simply posting a status update for your followers – Facebook’s new hashtag system should always be considered. As more and more entities move into this field, it will become a prized feature of the platform and is already a great way to drive traffic. By aiming for new fans, understanding your competition and selecting your hashtags carefully, you can optimize your presence and gain the maximum amount of exposure possible.

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