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If you have a website business and are interested in getting more traffic (and who isn’t?) then you have probably heard of article marketing. This is a technique in which articles are written and distributed containing links to your site or webpage. These provide a route from which people can click and then visit your site. So let’s look at some important aspects of article marketing so that the amount of traffic can be maximised.
Much in common with websites, the trick is to provide information which is of value to the reader. Always aim to answer questions or provide solutions to problems – if you do this then people will continue to read your articles and therefore click on the links contained within. In this respect CONTENT is king.

Most places to which you can submit your articles have very specific rules about what you can and can’t do within the article. For example, most will not allow links to be placed within the body of the article itself but instead provide a separate box into which you can place biographical information and links.

Another tip is to make sure that your article is easy to read. You can do this by breaking it up into several short paragraphs. Never simply write lots of sentences without any line breaks – it’s messy and difficult to read. Use 5 or 6 sentences maximum in each paragraph. Also be prepared to make copious use of bullets and numbered lists. This has a similar effect to breaking up the paragraphs. Information (that’s why you are writing the article – right?) is easier to assimilate and understand when it is presented in this manner.

Another way of making the article look attractive is to make use of sub headings. These should be logical in the way they introduce different aspects of the subject you are writing about and also either underlined or made bold to differentiate them from the main body of text. This will make it easier for readers of the article to find information quickly and easily.

One of the best tips is to ensure that you format the bio box (containing your links) so that it appears as a simple continuation of the article content and not an add-on to sell something.

Once the article has been written it will need to be submitted to an online directory. You can submit the same article to a number of different directories but read the directory terms of service before doing so since a number of them only allow original articles to be submitted. You can do this manually or use a article submission service. A number of these exist and for a relatively small payment they will submit your article to a large number of directories.

So – if you want lots of organic traffic to your website give article marketing a try and see how quickly the number of visitors to your site increases!


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