Add Structure to Your Blogging Process to Quickly Create Fresh Content

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Rising Blog SunWriting is an art. It involves plenty of abstract and subjective analysis, techniques and abilities that cannot be taught nor learned by most in even the best situations. Yet writing is also technical, requiring a dedication to detail and a track record of experience in order to become efficient in terms of delivery and time. Many bloggers waste time and energy in the pursuit of new blog ideas and content creation, but some structure can go a long way toward eliminating the inefficiencies that plague the process. We’ll discuss below how you can add some structure to any blog post creation process that will allow for fast and easy content creation whenever needed.

Decide the Topic

Before you begin writing at all – before you even begin researching – be sure to select a topic and a title that summarizes what you intend to write. This will help give the project a broad shape through which efficient research and writing can then be conducted. Once this is decided, the brain can then begin working through sub-topics and angles for the post, helping to streamline your research and speed up the overall process.

Craft the Introduction

There are two schools of thought: one believes it is better to write the introduction first, while the other believes it is better to write it last. We recommend writing the introduction first, with it addressing three crucial elements. First, capture the attention of the reader and promote the overall theme of the article. Next, explain why the article is necessary and why it’s important that they read it. Finally, give the reader a brief glimpse at what they can expect to discover in the article. Whether you opt for one, two or three intro paragraphs, be sure to be pinging your blog posts with these three elements in every introduction.

Decide on Points

Whether you wish to make three points, five points, ten points or more, be sure to outline the number of points before you begin writing the body. This will allow you to explore ideas and concepts in a structured fashion while you perform research or while you consider elements that you wish to cover. Knowing this at the onset can also help you to more effectively write the introduction in a way that resonates with readers.

Be Ready with Images

A picture may be worth a thousand points, but on the internet, it’s probably more like a few dozen. Nevertheless, readers want to have the monotony of pure text broken up with a series of images and photos that are relevant to the topic at hand. For every two hundred words written, we recommend one image be included to help give the post more life and an added entertainment value.

Ask Something Important

Pinging your blog with posts that are well-written, well-researched, well-structured and that include multimedia is essential to long-term success, but reader engagement is an equally important element in all of this. Be ready at the end of the post to pose a question to the reader – relevant to the subject, of course – that will encourage them to comment and engage with other readers.

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