Why Finding Who Links Where Is Crucial to SEO and Marketing

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At its core, the internet is nothing more than a series of connected points and places. There’s a reason why the term “web” was so popular at one point: it is arguably one of the best descriptors of how the internet functions. In order to find a particular website, you almost always need to find your way to another website. These connections help make it possible to find information, browse products and conduct every major function available on the internet today.

As such, determining who is linking to you – as well as who else might be linking to others – is a valuable piece of information. Today, let’s examine the basics of why figuring out who links where is so important.

It Can Identify Opportunities

Arguably one of the most important reasons why you should always be analyzing links is the fact that it’s an excellent way to find new opportunities. Whether you’re looking through your own pages to determine where you can improve link inclusion or searching for opportunities to earn a link on another website, link analysis is all about opportunities.

This reality is the biggest reason why so many SEO enthusiasts spend copious amounts of time analyzing link distribution on both their own websites and others. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to pinging servers for information about links; with the right tools and a clear mind, you’ll undoubtedly find opportunities as well.

It Highlights Competitor Strategy

SEO and marketing don’t occur in a vacuum: any playing field with competition is constantly in flux, and requires a dynamic set of strategies to remain viable. Virtually nobody seeking to break into one or more niches starts out with the upper hand, which means that learning from competitors who are performing even better is often a good idea.

Conducting link research on your competition is a sure-fire way to find new opportunities for building links, among other things. By determining not only where your competition is linking, but who is linking to them, you suddenly can begin to paint a picture of how their dominance is built. With this information, you’ll begin to dissect their strategies, learn more about their target audiences and ultimately use that information to better inform your own approach.

It Can Unveil Your Own Weaknesses

Link research and analysis isn’t just about finding opportunities or information about your competitors. It can also help you better understand weaknesses in your own backyard. Since we know that search engines prefer seeing a diverse array of links coming from websites when pinging servers and indexing pages, ensuring that your own pages have a diversified portfolio of links pointing elsewhere is just good sense.

Additionally, conducting link analysis on your own website periodically can shed light on technical issues such as broken links. This will provide you with an opportunity to update those links or replace them as needed.

Link analysis provides a variety of benefits for those who embrace the tactic. Whether you want to learn more about your competitors, understand your own weaknesses or find new opportunities for growth, this cornerstone tactic is a must in any broader SEO strategy.

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